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tis the season ladidah

Posted in christmas, nablopomo, winter by theobvious on November 27, 2010

All of a sudden, it’s winter. It had been seven degrees and wet for many weeks, and I had gotten used to wearing my coat unbuttoned and my scarf in my bag. Yesterday, however, the temperature fell below zero. It snowed all night and all day. When I woke up, the cat was staring transfixed through the window at the snow falling in sheets.

I was glad though, because I got to wear my fabulous new jacket. And finally, the time had come for the mittens A. bought me a while ago. ¬†Even putting on winter shoes was sort of exciting. As I was slipping and sliding towards work, I couldn’t shake a feeling of black-and-white snowy routine, as if the previous warm weeks had never happened.

After work, I went over to my friend’s workplace, the home improvement store, to help decorate a Christmas tree. I’d sort of suggested we do one in shiny bolts and door hooks and suchlike, she added some screws and lightbulbs, and we spent two hours tying blue and orange raffia twine to various building supplies and talking about Christmas¬†kitsch. Fun.

Now, I am obsessed with this video:

The animation is extremely season-appropriate, and I adore this style, it makes watercolours look like knitware. The song, it goes without saying, is unsettlingly good.

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sudden cold

Posted in winter by theobvious on January 5, 2009

Time spent on the bus is measured by the number of times the little window I make in the frost on the glass freezes over. This morning, I was admiring the beautiful white trees, the sun shining through their branches, the sparkling snow; there was a smile on my face all the way down to school. Tonight, as people shove and push me on the bus, I feel angry.

A friend of mine is back after six months’ absence. The conversation seems frozen as well: Alright there? – Alright. You keeping warm? – Sure. Meet tomorrow? – Yeah. Around noon? – Good. Text you tomorrow then. – OK. Mind, the other conversations I had today all featured woolen underwear and/or hot beverages as a necessary tool for survival.

I bow my head and walk forcefully through the snow, someone detached in my head noting that I probably look like a penguin. By the time I reach the house, my hands are so stiff it takes a while to fumble the door open. I stick them under hot water – the sensation is both pleasant and painful. If frozen food has feelings, I’m pretty sure I now know what it experiences as it thaws.