The Obvious

the girl with no waist at all (in a bad way)

Posted in exercise, rant, weight loss by theobvious on July 4, 2008

Hello from the nineteenth century, where no man has a computer except for my unbelievably lucky father. Things have been happening here, most of them – of a highly unpleasant persuasion. Words have been said and information has been relayed, and I have learned things that might seem quite amusing had they been said about someone else.

The last straw on the back of the sleeping dog, as it were, was today at the gym, where I dragged myself, or rather, was dragged by my enthusiastic friend, at 9.30 am, which is a very early time indeed for Body Sculpting of any sort. There will be some filming next week at our modified and martial-art-buffed-up Tae Bo class, for advertising purposes. The instructor has been asking certain people personally to be there, including my friend and myself. Today he stopped us after class to re-emphasize the invitation. And such words did he utter, as I live and breathe: ‘Some people come to this class to lose weight, get into shape, so your… er… (flowy hand gestures) full figures would be a good example, you know, for them to see how well you’re doing… okay?’

Okay it was certainly not. Now, I have no illusions about myself. This is an Advanced class, so most of the people who come are either stick-figures or just in really good shape. And we are, in fact, doing really well. But I will not be the proverbial ‘fat girl who does well nevertheless’! There will be no nevertheless in my life story. I will not be used as an exemplary full figure. I am not fat, not as such, though I am what you might call curvy. Still, I take an S to M size! My friend is somewhat heavier than I am, and she took this to mean that her considerable weight loss in the past months has not gone unnoticed. She is actually pleased and does not understand my sulking.

But honestly, on top of everything I’ve heard this week, this was too much. Especially considering the enormous amount of effort I’m putting into working out. This is the exact sort of thing that makes me say ‘What’s the use? I’ll be fat whatever I do!’ and stuff half a cake into my mouth. Although of course I would never eat half a cake. Not even a quarter of a cake. I have my full figure to watch!