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hurdle taken

Posted in capoeira, exercise, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on June 9, 2011

After a combination of complaining online and driving myself up the wall again and again a hundred times like a crazed chihuahua, I did a handstand!! Six, in fact. And I’m fairly sure the next one will take fewer attempts. I’m so stoked!


pamela anderson and justin bieber naked

Posted in nablopomo, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on November 17, 2010

Whatever I do, this frankly unremarkable post remains the most visited on my blog, and that’s not because it’s too interesting, but thanks to my penchant for silly off-the-wall blog titles. People are just googling ‘hello in Albanian’ and getting here. Why are they doing it? Are they all going to Albania? Are they taking the dated Russian equivalent of LOL-speak, ‘Olbanian’, and the popular mocking recommendation to ‘learn Olbanian’ seriously? Should I replace the contents of that post with valuable clickable banners and monetize? I must come up with a creative way to use a space which is seen by above of seven people daily (gasp!). Or maybe I can give this post an even better title, so that it becomes the attraction. Hmm, let’s see…*

Anyway, most of today was horrid. I overslept by four hours, stumbled on maybe five great ideas when it was too late to act on them, felt like a giant ugly ass, was hungry and cranky most of the time, and so on and so forth. Not to put too fine a point on it, I HATED EVERY MINUTE. But then I got to read for two hours (I’m reading a series I adored as a child, which largely inspired my envy of boys, in the original Polish, and getting a great kick of it). Then I got told I looked great three times in a row (admittedly, by the same excitable person, but nonetheless). And then two separate very cool couples said they wanted to surf our couch this weekend and the next—everyone wants to come see the lovely city of V.! So now I feel better. The (happy) end.

*I feel I might have done this once before, but can’t find that post, so let’s say it never happened.

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pavadinimas lietuviškai, kad niekas nesuprastų

Posted in boredom, life, nablopomo, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on November 2, 2010

Life’s been pretty repetitive lately.

On the micro level of a day it seems like it’s always: force myself out of bed entirely too late feeling wretched; walk to work; do a bit of Job #1 and a lot of procrastination; then some Job #2; then either do translations by the dozen (pages), or head directly home and go into vegetable mode reading a couple novels a day (fantasy and easy reading) or watching tv-shows end to end while earning lots and lots of Neopoints playing bouncy ball games; have several gallons of tea; often some odds and ends for Job #1 crammed in between; and finally, go to bed much too late.

On the macro level of a week it’s: Yiddish Sunday, Danish Monday, lately also yoga Thursday (about to start going on Mondays as well), home early Friday, vegging out Saturday, then all over again, interspersed with thoroughly uninspiring days at work and afternoons in noisy coffee-shops with translations, when there are any. These past two weeks there haven’t been any. I’m finding it difficult to fall asleep (this whole conscious breathing affair from yoga comes in handy, though, ommm), and waking up sweaty and harried from all the running about and fatal bureaucratic obstacles going on in my dreams.

What I need is a fantasy vacation. I’m pining for the fjords. Portugal could do me no end of good. Marrakesh would revive me. I would give half my kingdom to see Nepal. What I don’t need is a group of student visitors coming into my office at an ungodly hour tomorrow expecting to be shown around. Night owls vs. early birds will be the theme of my next rant, stay tuned.

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days of our lives

Posted in nablopomo, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on November 23, 2009

It’s raining in my Gmail inbox, which means it’s most likely raining outside. Through my window I can see workers pouring water off the roof of the building they are constructing. Such is the view from my office window: a construction site. It used to be a sheer wall (which, in fact, was not sheer at all, unfortunately, you could see bugger all through it). Now they’ve made windows in it, and seem close to completion. Perhaps one day I will be able to see people through those windows. Like this, one of my favourite short films:

Work is progressing very slowly, and I am feeling frustrated. This is not a day to give myself any pats on the back. Sadly, as much as I love translating, it does not seem to be my calling today. To top it all off, my tea sits cold and stale-tasting on my desk before I ever finish it. On the other hand, it is lovely to actually have a work desk. There are scissors and pens in a cup right before me. What a sight for the sore eyes of a stationery freak!

I brought some music from home. It brightens my mood somewhat. The current band is called Fitness Forever, which gets me thinking fondly of the days spent at the gym. What if I renew my membership when my worker’s wages come in? (That jolly day may very well be tomorrow.) Some physical activity could be nice in this weather. Naturally, thinking about it is probably as far as I will get.

Update: This is a bit of a pointless post, isn’t it? Just thought I’d update whomever is reading this on the current affairs. Of which there aren’t much. It’s not like anyone’s asking me out to any fun events or anything. I’m just sayin’. I miss everyone. Sigh. (Is it bad taste to end a post on a sigh?) (Do posts show up numerous times on RSS readers when updated?) (I do enjoy parentheses.)

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maybe not potatoes. do eggplants come in sacks?

Posted in boredom, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on August 27, 2008

Since WordPress is about the only website that is willing to load for me right now, might as well update this thing, especially as I gave myself such a big hearty welcome the other day with zero follow-up.

My current daily schedule looks like this:
10.23 – wake up (no kidding, it’s been this exact time for the past x days)
11.00 – beat laptop with stick, trying to force my email and blogs out of the withered connection
3.30 – shower, get dressed, remove clothing on account of lard deposits poking out, get dressed again in baggy things, remove clothing on account of baggy things not concealing the fat so what the heck, put on nice clothes, bemoan the fact that my figure doesn’t do them justice, repeat for eternity, all with a book in one hand, slowing the proceedings down almost to a standstill
5.00(ish) – get out of the house, move sluggishly towards gym
6.00 – enjoy daily quota of not feeling like a sack of stale potatoes
7.00 – return to normal root-vegetable condition
8.00 – arrive home, open book / beat laptop with stick again
1.00 – go to bed bored, have nightmares for the rest of the night

Repeat for unlimited amounts of time with improvised breaks for anxiety and irritation with various things (i.e., going back to school next Tuesday), exchanging neurotic letters with my brother in London, and watching documentaries by and about Stephen Fry (swoon) on YouTube.

By the way, last Sunday was Mr. Fry’s birthday, which merits a celebration, so A. and I went out for cocktails and chocolate cake tonight. Okay, in fact we needed to pass the time before this concert we were supposed to go to, and it was raining, so we just dove into the first nice place, but we did have the cake and a cocktail each, so there.

As for the concert, well, it was outside and that meant standing in the drizzle for two hours, so we didn’t go. Typical.

hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back from work we go

Posted in love, me myself, news, the thrilling goings-on, travel by theobvious on July 22, 2008

Dear diary, it’s been a while. In these past couple of weeks the following things happened:

1) our third wedding anniversary. Last poll showed we are both still pleased with the arrangement, so yeah, staying married for now. If this sounds cynical to you, rest assured we had lots of time for sappy professions of love as we boarded and rode an overnight train to Moscow. How creative is a second-class sleeping carriage for an anniversary venue?

2) we had a seminar in Moscow for work. You might have gathered as much already. After all, we only ever go to Russia, where most of our friends and all of A’s family live, for work. It seems that all we did this week was ride various trains and buses, wait for people, and argue with them. Oh, and goof around, of course. After all, these are the people we love.

3) I turned 22. A gloomy day it was indeed, despite the numerous gifts and celebratory text messages I got. I’d never spent my birthday bickering with people about insignificant aspects of reading texts with children before, and I’d rather it didn’t happen ever again. Oh, and we were hungry most of that day. And I didn’t get a birthday cake, which is plain sinful.

4) I read ‘A Midsummer-night’s Dream’ for the first time from beginning to end, and most of Neal Stephenson’s ‘Quicksilver’, and there are two more books of his Baroque Cycle remaining to read, and Pratchett’s latest, ‘Making Money’. Nothing bad about that.

What did you do? This is not a rhetorical question.

rotten tomatoes

Posted in bad, film, funny, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on July 8, 2008

Hey there. I didn’t get to be a Plus Sized Model today because of rain, so there’s nothing much happening in life. I ought to be working, but I have no brain, oh did I just say that out loud, yes I believe I did, oh no, well what are you gonna do.

So this weekend was ingeniously spent meeting up with my school girlfriends and watching miles of Whose Line Is It Anyway, a show where everything’s made up and they used to have a Lithuanian version, but it wasn’t as funny. Thanks God for the diligent Polish YouTube users who apparently have no lives lots of time on their hands, which they use to subtitle and upload episode after episode of WLIIA. In fact, I’m watching and learning, due to an inborn disease causing my eyes to be drawn of their own accord to any writing of any sort, including the crappy subtitles on complicated movies like Shrek.

And speaking of complicated movies (my, what an elephant elegant segue), we saw You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, don’t ask me why. You know how they say something is burned into one’s retinas? Well, this burned my retinas right off and would proceed to get etched in the brain were it not for the circumstances mentioned above, so it bypassed the empty space inside my head and went out the back like a bullet. Boy oh boy that was one huge, painful waste of time.

By all means avoid watching it, and if you do watch it, don’t come complaining to me because I won’t hear a word about that absolutely horrible, stereotype-spewing, lacklustre (and lack-everything-else for that matter), so below the belt it doesn’t even come up for air, disgraceful crapfest, pardon my Polish.

tested and testy

Posted in rant, the thrilling goings-on, travel by theobvious on June 17, 2008

Good thing nobody reads this blog, because otherwise I would have to apologize for being N/A all the time these days. Partly, time is to blame – I am finally starting to lose the momentum I gained by taking part in NaBloPoMo last year. But largely it’s like this lyric (points if you can identify it without using Google):

So, take this down:
I just feel so beat
and I think it’s time
to admit defeat
I thought I got mine
but that uphill climbing
is never through.

I think the song is about relationships and suchlike, but I am taking the liberty to apply it to matters more mundane, id est, the end of term. Ten exams, people. Ten freaking exams which, I’ll have you know, I’ve been acing so far, and that made me exhausted enough to fail my driving test. You heard it here first.

I am devastated about the driving, and have been falling asleep and/or bursting in tears at random times for a while now, which behaviour is usually restricted to times of severe PMS, but evidently, exams have the same effect on me. (Soon they should be issuing a governmental ban on whining on blogs, have faith.)

There is only one exam left tomorrow, after which, no matter the result, I am packing up and taking a train to glorious St. Petersburg where some of the most fabulous people I know happen to reside. The shop called today to say that my lens has been fixed – just in time and free of charge. So photos shall abound forsooth.

meh, i’m sure

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on April 17, 2008

You’d think I’d have accumulated some news by now, or something intelligent to say. Or something to say. Blogging sort of feels like part of the day, a thing that ought to be done, yet my head is ringing with emptiness. I am coming late everywhere this week, and sleepy all the time. What is going on, I’m not sure.

The teapot song keeps attracting readers to this site. Every day there’s a search for it. Who knew it was such a popular piece of poetry! It’s more than a little annoying, however, that the first message people read here is the one saying I’m a tub o’ lard. Oi! Come over here! I am marginally less fat in this post!

I have changed the header picture and the name of the blog. The whole nightingale thing was nice while it lasted (and a much-googled item as well), but I’ve started to feel like I have too many names all over the internet. So it’s just the Obvious now. And the image is from St. Ignatius street here in Vilnius.

The assigned book for tomorrow’s literature seminar is The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. Last week it was The Glass Bead Game (Das Glasperlenspiel) by Hesse. Before that, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Wilde. It’s nice to be assigned some of my favourite books to read, books I can actually feel something for.


My cousin just got married, and that merits a whoop! I’ve loved her since forever, she is such a beautiful, clever, fun, generous, and all-round gorgeous person that her new husband is probably one of the luckiest boys on this planet. Her sister got married this year too, whom I love just as much. Great times.


Honestly, I have nothing else. Nothing! Maybe Pesach this week-end will bring blogging fodder.

caution: new driver

Posted in driving, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on April 16, 2008

Third driving lesson today, second time actually driving in the streets. The instructor made me drive about a mile yesterday in full traffic with no warning. An adrenalin rush, but little more. Today, when I arrived and made it for the passenger seat to be taken as usual through the city to the practice track, he motioned for the driver’s seat and I drove almost non-stop for an hour and a half.

Ah, this feeling of omnipotence: I am steering, pushing pedals, changing gears, rarely forgetting to glance in the mirrors – all at the same time. A little wobbly, a little jerky, more than a little unsure of myself – but not of what I’m doing. Most of the time he even didn’t have to tell me to change gears, I did it instinctively like a real big girl, Mommy, look, look, no hands – aah.

– of course, there were mistakes. For Pete’s sake, it’s my first time driving a car! I rushed and then had to brake so abruptly that I felt my head bob like a Chinese toy in a trucker’s cab, more than once. And I kept swerving to the left, not accustomed to this new balance with a looming mass on the right of me that also needs to be steered. And the instructor kept snapping at me until I snapped back and almost cried with the exhaustion and the inability to perform perfectly from the get-go.

And then he let me take a break, and told me this was hard, and I was doing very well, if only I could stop rushing. He became very gentle; and I immediately stopped making a mess of myself, and drove gracefully for another 3/4 of an hour, all the way listening to his funny stories from America, or telling him about the mysterious ways of the Jews. And now I can drive. All that remains is a matter of practice (and I can’t park yet, but I can maneuver backwards).

there’s a kind of hush

Posted in braces, exercise, news, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on April 8, 2008

I know I ought to be posting more often. But you see, my teeth are hurting me, the weather is beyond disgusting, I am getting tireder and tireder, and honestly, all I could write right now is WHINE WHINE BLOODY WHINE – and would you like that? Would you? Huh?

It’s not like there’s any news to share, either. Today’s workout was latino dancing. Very enjoyable. Yes. Um. Still fat, but having fun. Tomorrow – Philosophy. Missed it. Sunday’s lecture was good enough. That’s, um, it.

I’ve been hovering over a certain rather expensive item all week, and tonight A. gave me the green light (actually, he said something close to ‘Will you go on already?! Buy the damn thing!’), so I ordered it and it should be here on Friday. Which will become a national holiday.

And if that is the way things are going to happen then I will post happies.

noone said i couldn’t be boring

Posted in photos, sports, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on March 18, 2008

At the hotline workshop today, I was a gay teenager first, and then a suicidal 17-year-old. These things can wear you out, but it helps to remember that it’s natural to be tired when you are working hard. And if I’m working hard, that means I’m learning a lot and getting closer to my goal.

Same goes for the gym. It’s the second month now, I’ve been going 5-7 times a week lately, and there is definite progress. My jeans feel loose, they come off still zipped up, and even though today is Bloated Day, my belly is looking smaller. I can even see definition here and there.

I won a Flickr Pro account for a year, now the wretched thing is showing the 91 pictures it was holding hostage before. I have also signed up for Twitter, but I guess it makes more sense if you have lots of friends using it, otherwise – meh. My username is ollka though, if any of you care.

Today was the first day of Easter break, and there’s a week of that left, and then a week off in Russia teaching and hanging out with friends, and then spring will be here. Sneaker time has arrived, but much less dramatic than usual, no feeling of making feet-love to the ground this year.

So much news for today, it seems. I’ll get back to watching House and munching on everything I see now. What have y’all been up to recently?

boy and chick
This is one of the rediscovered pictures on Flickr. An Arab boy showing us his chicks in the hope that we will buy them.

from now on it’s called kitchen day

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on February 16, 2008

There’s snow all over the place. Everything is white and shiny, and today is just a quintessential winter Saturday. But it’s different from your every other winter Saturday because we had our new kitchen appliances installed today.

We got a new cooker, hood, and dishwasher. It took us a while to find them, and more than one trip to the appliance store. We were tempted by cheap unholy items, and then brought to our senses by the sight of discounted Zanussi’s. Then we learned those had shortcomings as well – and thus the quest continued through rain and sleet and disappointment, until finally these three arrived at our home.

They are as white and shiny as the snow, only cleaner. When they were placed in the kitchen, a brilliant radiance enveloped the previously shoddy walls and cabinets, making them pure. It’s only fitting that national flags are flying on every flagpole today*. Chaos is reigning in every other room of the house, but the kitchen is now perfect.

I could talk about them more, but now I have a headache, and if I continue, you’ll get one too.

*Well, technically it’s because of Independence Day, but meh – who cares about that old thing.

good news and even gooder

Posted in good, sports, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on February 7, 2008

I went shoe-shopping today. Wait, come back, this is not girl-speak for ‘stop listening’! In fact, this is pretty much as un-girly as it comes. I went to an Adidas store, trying to find a non-pink non-glittering pair of sneakers. I browsed the shelves for half an hour. Every goddamn pair was either lousy or metallic-coloured with patches of neon.

However, we prevailed. The shoes I bought in the end are a very nice pair with just a bit of extremely bright orange on the heel. When asked whether they would be good for training, the man behind the counter looked me up and down and smiled: ‘They’re not good enough for professional aerobics, but they will do for the amateur stuff.’

And just like that, I’m ready to sign up for a gym membership for the first time in my life. No worries. We were there today, and they have green walls. I’ll be in good hands and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be more excited. Oh wait, yeah I can – a friend is taking me to a screening of the Cannes Lions in two hours! Life is truly awesome.

përshëndetje (hello in albanian)

Posted in books, link, photos, random, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on February 1, 2008

So, the hits on this blog seem to peak whenever I update and plummet the day after. Truly perplexing. Will need to investigate.

Meanwhile, I have exciting plans for the weekend (featuring an interior design exhibition, some gift shopping, a classical music concert, and a jazz concert, not to mention a class we teach with A. at the community), but I also seem to have contracted a mild, yet very unpleasant infection of the, umm, burning type. So unless I magically get better by tomorrow, it will be pills and the hot water bear for me this weekend.

With regard to this exciting news, I will just post an assortment of unrelated items today in the hopes of keeping you folks moderately entertained until I have something more fun to say.

Do you know what will happen if you type in ‘find Chuck Norris’ on Google and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’? No? Well, go try it. I believe it’s all to do with that scandalous Chuck Norris fact-book he is apparently trying to get recalled through court.

I’m absolutely loving the new version of the Flickr client, which has a very handy pre-editing area, so that by the time the photos end up online, they are already tagged and put in sets. Especially good for when it’s just several images.

Yes, that means I have finally taken some new pictures today. I am also ending my ‘all new music in the walkman’ experiment by stuffing it with old favourites such as Herman’s Hermits, Les Fatals Picards, Goodbooks, and Brazzaville. Down with depression!

Now the exams are over, I have time to read real books, so I’ve finally enjoyed Coastliners by Joanne Harris, a writer I cannot recommend enough. And now I’m reading Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson, it’s full of factual errors, but quite entertaining.

Come to think of it, most of these could have been separate elaborate posts. This sickness is making me waste thoughts! Better get off the blogging horse and get to real work, seeing as I can’t sleep anyway. Good night, frères.

the bright side of life

Posted in film, life, random, the thrilling goings-on, valuable lesson by theobvious on January 25, 2008

My main plan for this afternoon was a cup of coffee with a dear friend of mine, and I had based the day around it. That went to hell when I was walking through the door, because the dog made it out before me, and when she runs away every plan needs to be put on hold. She hadn’t run away for over a year now, but today her instinct got the better of her.

Anyway, when we were done chasing her through the new snow (kind of fun, but not with disgusting old hags yapping at Dad and me from every direction; God, people can be so bloody annoying) it was too late to go anywhere, so all that was left was put on A.’s old cords and sit down to watch movies. So I finally watched Life of Brian and The Holy Grail.

I really like Monty Python. Theirs is a kind of humour that is easy to appreciate – with a healthy dose of PG-16, but lots of wordplay and just good old tongue-in-cheek parody too. I always watch comedy with the question in mind: was this fun to do for the crew? This seems to have been a hoot, and that makes it all the more enjoyable for me as a viewer.

And there’s also the music. I actually have their album (Monty Python Sings) in my walkman, and it’s hilarious. I’d recommend it to anyone. Life of Brian has some of the funnier songs, while The Holy Grail has lots of its funny moments based on the soundtrack – like the adventures of Sir Robin, or the majestic music that follows Arthur around.

So all in all, I guess I’m trying to say that even though my perfectly thought-through plan for today went haywire, I’m kind of glad it did, because I had a good day in the end. Let’s see this as a sort of practise in looking at the bright side. *whistle whistle*

shouldn’t be blogging at this hour

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on December 16, 2007

This post should really be called What I Did Today (You Should Be Very Interested). I have vowed to blog at least three times a week, and I’m doing it, dammit! Also, I’m avoiding work.

So what I did today was, in order of occurrence:
1) Ordered seven theatre tickets for the end of January, because the cultural market here is more competitive than a tank of very hungry goldfish when a single worm has been dropped in, and miraculously, there were tickets for a play I’d been wanting to see.

2) Called all my friends and suggested they come to the play. I’m proud to say not one of them hesitated before saying yes. Well, actually, my brother said no, but he didn’t hesitate either, and there were just enough tickets left for the rest of us, so that’s all good.

3) Wrapped a gazillion gifts. We have a family tradition to hold a party around this time of year. We have oily food in honour of Chanuka, we exchange gifts for Christmas, and we decorate a ficus tree in lieu of a fir. We call it the Kwanzaa party. So we had guests today.

4) Smiled a lot, held a baby, forced food on people, encouraged a shy new guest to talk, worried that everyone was bored, ate apple sauce (braces), unwrapped presents, ooh-ed, aah-ed, nodded, and retired into another room early. I suck at entertaining.

5) Lay down on the couch, bullied A. into giving me twenty different soft foods, watched a couple episodes of Simpsons, brushed my teeth using the supercool highlight tablet the doc gave me that shows me where to brush better, and blogged about all that. Exciting.

Now I might work. Or not! Or I might even go to sleep!!!!!!! I have an exam on Monday – should I study?!!!! Are you intrigued?! Stay tuned for the next installment of my fascinating life – with even more boring detail!

blogging, how can i resist

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on December 3, 2007

While y’all have abandoned me (post-NaBloPoMo temperance, I wonder?), the faithful teapot lovers are still swarming in. If this is a practical joke, I appreciate the humor, but you have made your point, okay?

I was planning to keep away from this blog for a while, but Yahoo! is down, so I am deprived of the possibility to maniacally recheck my inbox every few milliseconds. The only other alternative to blogging is schoolwork, and frankly, after 300 pages of Faust non-stop, I’d rather face hyper-blogging-itis.

Today, autumn has returned. It’s 4 degrees centigrade and raining. A friend suggested that we are now a lot like London. They clearly haven’t notified Foyles. (We do have Marks&Spencer, at least, but it’s quite dreary, not what Carson Kressley would recommend.)

I have been working on my education in two ways. One, as evident from two paragraphs above, is reading up for my Western Lit class. The list includes, but isn’t limited to, Rabelais (I know he’s important, but I still hate him), Bocaccio, Cervantes, Goethe, and Voltaire. Bah humbug.

The other thing I’m catching up with is the music of my friends’ youth. That’s Prodigy, Depeche Mode, and Oasis, to name a few. I’m actually enjoying this. I’ve also rediscovered Robbie Williams, who is delightfully energetic and likeable, drugs and rock’n’roll notwithstanding.

What have you been up to? Why the obsession with kitchenware? Talk to me?.. Somebody? Anybody? – Simba the lion cub cried pitifully, all alone in the valley. (My Dad is okay, thanks for asking.)

we’re back

Posted in places, rant, the thrilling goings-on, uncategorized by theobvious on October 14, 2007

Our vacation was incredible. I brought lots of photos and notes.

However, the trip home was thirteen hours on a bus, and here’s a curious tidbit: when you board a bus in the middle of its route, your journey is bound to be hellishly uncomfortable, the air – cold as ice, and your fellow travelers – horrid and inconsiderate. All in all – not much of a good night’s sleep.

So, I have been half asleep all day, but we still went on a long shopping trip (another bit of travel trivia: when you come back home, your fridge will most likely be empty, and you might be in need of a new couch), and then I had to catch up on my blogroll, and then there were photos to edit…

And then I uploaded the photos to Flickr, which promptly notified me that as a free user I only get 200 pictures on view, so it is going to hide the rest until I delete some or pay up. Needless to say, my money (Visa card) is no good there, even though I am willing to purchase a Pro account here and now.

Then, after some fuming, I opened my notebook in the hopes of at least doing some comfort blogging, and discovered enough notes for something like fifteen blog posts on existential subjects, and close to none – about the trip. There is a mention of kangaroos in there, though, but it’s going to need some work.

In short, it is now 1.48 a.m., and I am still not ready for bed. I am drowsy, crabby, and whiny – what, does it show? You must agree that it will be better for all of us if I get some sleep now and post more tomorrow.

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vengeance behind people’s backs – that’s what we cowards do

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on October 1, 2007

We went carting Saturday! It was my first time behind a steering wheel. You are allowed to get a license once you turn 18 here, and all of my classmates both from school and university already have theirs. I, however, have been too busy to take care of this matter of utmost importance, and have therefore been surviving on hitched rides, much like a common leech.

Now the time has come. Every time I’m in a car, I get this craving in the pit of my stomach. It’s as if a tiny imp is sitting in there and etching the words ‘MUST – DRIVE’ onto the inside of my abdomen. Oh, how I need to drive. I must be idealizing that rather simple skill, yet all I can think about is this incredible freedom I am currently deprived of.

Carting Was Fun. In fact, it was so much fun that I came last. Way last. I was so affected by the introduction we got, enumerating all the accidents and 911 cases to happen because of reckless carting on this very track, people, that I braked nearly to a halt at every turn and released the accelerator a second after pressing it every time. I thought I was good until I saw the embarrassing print-out with my name #6 out of 6 and heard the jolly laughter of my friends.

Everyone else, on the other hand, did extremely well. A., for whom this is the only chance of driving ever, due to poor vision, had a great ride, crashing only twice and finishing last because his cart left the track (he was still #5 on the list for speed). The two driving friends we went with swooshed past me about a thousand times, relating later the way they ‘went slow at first to check the brake pedal, which, I don’t know, I think it was a little whatever’, and also the way ‘this sure is different from our car, I can tell you that’.

I still enjoyed it very much, of course. Not the part where I turned out to be miss Scaredy-pants, but all the other stuff. I called two driving schools today and sure as hell, I’ll be driving by the time winter hits. Yay, first driving experience in November slush! However, I still feel I need to get back at those show-offs somehow. Which is why I won’t display my own face in a helmet for the whole wide web to see, but I will display theirs.


I’m having an evil laughter moment here, safely behind my laptop. Bwaaahahahaha!

at least we tried

Posted in the thrilling goings-on, valuable lesson by theobvious on September 23, 2007

We tried to organize a PARK(ing) event today. It was a total no-show. Out of all the people we emailed, three showed up. And when we asked them not to drink alcohol in the park, they promptly left.

I must admit we were a little shy about handing out flyers and getting people to actually sit in our park thing. But then most of these people looked at us as though we were suggesting they enlarge their genitals by way of consuming the magic pills we were selling at half the market price.

And clearly we screwed up a bit on every possible level – my brother and co-organizer was twenty minutes late, I didn’t find any turf, our location choice was questionable, and the little trees we got kept toppling over whenever there was a gust of wind.

But the point is, we made a big deal out of this, we emailed tons of people, we got ourselves mentioned on the official website, we bought stuff (and, may I add, spent a shitload of money), and nobody even cared enough to write back they weren’t coming. Makes me question the purpose of being and all that.

Well, I guess we did get a lesson out of this. Here’s what we learned today: never organize anything at the same time as a convention of Baltic renaissance-tribesmen who are building an altar and singing weird hymns while banging on drums. True story.

and there were words

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on September 13, 2007

It’s 4:58 am, and I’ve spent the past several hours watching Friends, earning points for my Neopet (yes, I still have one and play with it because I’d feel too guilty if it died) – and procrastinating. Oh, I’m a great procrastinator. I could procrastinate with the best of them. In fact, I was recently approached and asked whether I would consider teaching a class on it. I agreed, but then ended up spending the night reading blogs and staring into space, so I didn’t make it to the class.

Anyway, seeing as I’m not doing anything worthwhile, I might as well try to start this thing up. This is a major step for me, as I’ve only ever blogged in the safely crowded environment of LiveJournal, and mostly in Russian. Also – I don’t have any thoughts. Or interesting events to happen to me. Or any other matter that could be transformed into brilliantly amusing blog posts.

So we’ll see how this goes. Meanwhile, I vaguely recall some pages of typed text I was supposed to be doing something to… Oh yeah, it was a huge heap of what is commonly called ‘work’. Best get on with it, before it gets on with me.