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kitty’s made a break for it

Posted in bad, cat, nablopomo, pets by theobvious on November 21, 2010

Our cat Oscar ran away last night. A.’s been out looking for him five times today, and we both went another three times.¬†At this point we’re just hoping he’ll come back and giving many hugs to our remaining cat (who seems unfazed by the events, but we might just not get his signs).

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picture perfect

Posted in nablopomo, pets, photos by theobvious on November 21, 2009

Today, Lorca and Oscar are my blogging fodder. To keep with the grim tone of things, here’s a picture of Oscar with rolled eyes. He’s just several weeks old, but already a teenager. Soon he’ll be requesting a car, a phone, and to be left alone in his room at all times.

brotherly nap

Lorca, meanwhile, is being nice. This morning I sat down at the computer as he wobbled in having just woken up. As soon as he saw me, his ears pricked up and all sleep was off. He ran towards me, jumped into my lap and purred and kneaded until it was time for me to go.

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quick update

Posted in nablopomo, pets by theobvious on November 10, 2009

It seems that Tiny Baby is here to stay. Well, unless Lorca objects too much. The girl who was thinking of adopting him isn’t going to after all, so we have bathed him and are officially looking for names other than The New One, The Rat (although he did live up to this title when wet), and Tiny Ickle Kit. He is presumably a boy, but there is no guarantee, so our challenge is no easy one.

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when you have two kittens

Posted in nablopomo, pets by theobvious on November 9, 2009

– Mommy, mommy, – yells the older one (Lorca) as we come home, – I’m hungry! I’m thirsty! I want to bite you! I’m hurrrngry! – So I rush to the kitchen with him gnawing my arms, spilling water as I try to fill his bowl as quickly as possible.

– Hey you! Let me out! I’m hungry! I’m bored! – yells the younger one (codename Tiny Baby, no real name yet) from his quarantine zone in the bathroom. We are not Mommy and Daddy to him yet, just the confusing creatures who have trapped him in this safe and warm environment with food and a litter box, and whose feet he is slowly discovering to be lovely toys. So A. rushes inside to cuddle and feed him.

– Mommy, mommy, – yells Lorca as soon as the bathroom door closes, – The new rat has got Daddy! WHY HAS HE GOT DADDY DADDY IS MINE ONLY MINE! – Food discarded, dig-dig-dig at the bathroom door. So I pick him up and comfort him: – You’re still our favourite, you are the loveliest, our baby. – Then why does the rat get the delicious canned food while I have to eat big boys’ pellets, huh? – Shhh, love, there’s a good kitty.

A. comes out and joins in the love fest. I go change and am on my way to sit down, when: – The fridge is open, the fridge is open, I need to jump in! – Lorca. – I am lonely! Lonelyyy! – Tiny Baby. So A. holds the fridge open for Lorca to make his leap, while I go into the bathroom to catch a glimpse of Tiny Baby’s tiny tail as he scrams and hides under the toilet from the scary huge creature. I pick him up, stroke him (purr, purr) and leave.

– Mommy, mommy, you were in there! With the rat! Whom I am still unable to dig out though I so want to! Why would you go in there when you’ve got me? Am I not the loveliest? – Lorca claws his way up to my face for kisses intermingled with indignant biting, leaving deep gashes on my thin-jersey-clad body. – Yes, baby, yes you are.

– HEY YOU GET BACK IN HERE I NEED TO BITE THE FEET!! – in the tiniest of voices, it is Tiny Baby’s turn. Judging by the thumps, he is throwing himself against the door, the same door he never even cares to approach when it is open for him to come out. Meanwhile, I sit down to eat. – Soy meat! My favourite!! – In a second, Lorca’s nose and front paws are in my plate, back paws digging into my shoulder, tail in my face.

How anybody manages to raise real human children is what I’d like to know.

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cat & dog: a comparative study

Posted in cat, dog, family, pets by theobvious on July 11, 2008

1) Dog is very large. She was brought home as a small puppy, and we hoped she would not grow much. She surpassed all our expectations and is now quite horse-like.

Cat is tiny. She has very long, luxurious fur, which compensates for the fact that she is a puny midget. She used to be skinny, but now has a belly. Ratlike, if anything.

2) Dog is a pack animal. She needs everyone to be home, and if anyone leaves (happens often, what with a 6-strong household), she wails and howls pitifully, and then sits by the window, looking out gloomily, waiting for them to return. She only goes to bed when everyone has.

Cat is a lone wolf. That is to say, she walks around glaring at everyone and is very likely rabid.

3) Dog is very friendly. She greets people with wild jumps, yelling, and licking, and won’t calm down until kissed repeatedly. She likes sleeping with us.

Cat is hostile. She lurks behind corners and takes wild swipes at people as they pass. She has adopted Grandma and bites her hand whenever she talks on the phone. She wants as much attention as she deserves, and she is sure she deserves all of it. She will hardly ever be picked up.

4) Dog thinks we are her superiors. She obeys commands, albeit in the reluctant way of a silly large dog who has too little exercise. She asks for her water, her treats, and her walk. She guards our home by barking and growling at everyone unfamiliar. She knows that taking our belongings is wrong and only does it very rarely.

Cat is sure she owns us. She bosses Grandma around, doesn’t mind using everyone as ladders for a more comfortable reach onto a shelf, and takes everything she deems worth playing with. She will only snuggle when she’s in the mood, and as soon as she’s out of it, she leaves, leaving deep scratches in her wake.

5) Dog is very very silly.

Cat is very very smart.

6) Dog is a neurotic creature and she smells. However, she is very cute and loved by all.

So is Cat. Go figure.