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Here are some lesser known and quite uninteresting facts about me:

1. I am gullible like hell, you can tell me anything, and I’ll believe it and be happy about it, which causes friction with A., who is the type of guy to say “Yes, that is great, but in fact—”;

2. I never want to go to bed, nor to get up, and the knowledge that I will not get enough sleep (when it’s very late and there is no way to avoid getting up early) makes me cry;

3. I love receiving letters, but it is often difficult for me to write them. Snail mail thrills me: the delayed satisfaction of not knowing immediately who it is that wrote is exciting;

4. I am a perfectionist in the sense that I need all of anything. If I’m reading a seven-book series and the second book disappoints, I’ll most likely finish the series;

5. I have lately been scared of the dark, and of loud noises, and of bugs, and of thieves, and of heights, and many other things. I wish I weren’t such an anxious person;

6. I like things that are grey or blue, and pretty fonts, and spices, and nice packaging, and checking out new cafes, and shopping for gifts, and puppies, and layers.

There’s plenty more, but I’ve bored myself by now. I’m very easily bored. Also, the hatred of the word “I” repeated many times on a page — we have it, my precioussss.

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15 facts about me

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Nothing like an old meme to fill an empty space.

1. I once erased my entire history for a year because someone had asked me not to advertise the music he’d given me and I didn’t know I could only delete the record for that one song.

2. I do a great many things on an impulse; later, I regret not having thought it through, especially when it comes to purchases.

3. I am almost always translating everything in my head or just speaking to myself in different languages.

4. Our stuffed toys make me feel guilty, but I am too sentimental to give them away.

5. When I’m alone, I’m a slob, but at the same time I clean the house compulsively.

6. Envy is something I detest in myself, but can’t get rid of.

7. I often wish I was born elsewhere. I wish I were musical. I wish I were younger; you get the gist.

8. I am cripplingly shy and compensate for it by being a loud, constantly talking upstart.

9. Memories of several very embarrassing moments will haunt me to the grave. I’d pay dearly to find out whether the other participants of those moments still remember them.

10. I can’t take criticism; I force myself to, and do okay most of the time. But it’s always difficult.

11. I have no will to talk of.

12. I am clever in a shallow way; I don’t think I’m actually very good at anything, but I do a reasonable job of disguising it.

13. Looking over these facts, it seems I do quite a lot of pretending. Yet I think of myself as pretty honest.

14. Sarcasm is my lifeline; this everyone knows I guess.

15. I need symmetry in everything, so I couldn’t have a list of 14 points. 15 is a better number, because it can be divided by five.

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There are several websites listing all the names of existing phobias. They make for remarkable reading. Of course, I couldn’t help but make a list of the titles corresponding with things I fear or dislike. Here it is.

Acrophobia. Fear of heights (since a nasty fall; still hoping it’ll pass)
Anthrophobia. Fear of people (including on the phone)
Arachnophobia. Fear of spiders (ew)
Ataxiophobia. Fear of disorder (in other words, obsessiveness)
Atelophobia. Fear of imperfection (in myself and everything I do)
Bathophobia. Fear of depth (think of the ocean)
Chaetophobia. Fear of hair (ew)
Climacophobia. Fear of falling down stairs (that one’s from experience)
Demophobia. Fear or dislike of crowds (and crowded situations)
Emetophobia. Fear of vomiting (too much information, I know, but this is an honest list)
Entomophobia. Fear of insects (and consequently, nature)
Eremophobia. Fear of being by oneself (I am not good company)
Gerascophobia. Fear of growing old (23 is old)
Harpaxophobia. Fear of robbers (every unfamiliar sound at home is made by a robber)
Helminthophobia. Fear of becoming infested with worms (since that horrible biology class in fifth grade)
Iatrophobia. Fear of going to the doctor (so I just don’t go)
Kakorhaphiophobia. Fear of failure or defeat (see imperfection)
Lygophobia. Fear of darkness or dark places (monsters live in the dark, and so do robbers)
Merinthophobia. Fear of being bound (there always needs to be an exit)
Ophidiophobia. Fear of snakes (it recently hit me that they are disgusting)
Poinephobia. Fear of many things (self-evident from this list)
Scopophobia. Fear of being looked at (and listened to, and noticed)
Spheksophobia. Fear of wasps (haven’t been stung; hope never to be)
Thaasophobia. Fear of boredom (I get bored much too easily)
Thanatophobia. Fear of death (mine and everyone else’s)

Good thing these are not all full-fledged phobias, because trying to bend my life around each and every one of those things would probably be quite time-consuming to say the least. What are yours?

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hello again, self-hater

Posted in me myself, ugliness by theobvious on May 20, 2009

This season they’re wearing skinny faded-gray jeans with wide, flowing tops. A very hate-provoking combination, seeing as skinny jeans make me look like a walking ham (nobody likes gray ham), and flowing tops on me either become figure-hugging (healthy full figure it is, huggable indeed) or resemble a sack underneath which things are happening. I am sitting in a cafe downtown and pretending to be working on my term paper on pejorative nouns in Polish dialects. Instead, I find myself applying those nouns to every girl in a dress and leggings that walks past me.

Umberto Eco had a reason to write his On Ugliness to go with his earlier work, On Beauty. These two do indeed always go together. Just look at more or less any group of girls in the street. I always feel like the one who is there to reflect the others’ beauty. The gargoyle against the breathtaking Gothic spire. The one who dressed in what was on the floor in the morning in a surge of what’s-the-use-trying self-pity.  To be honest, self-pity is a big part of my day. It has its own drawer in the office, so to speak.

The only people who have ever thought me beautiful were either married or directly related to me. My first love used to tell me I was pretty, but feigned surprise when a belt he’d pick up would fit around my waist. ‘Why, you are slender enough! Why do you look so chubby then?’ Those were the days when I was actually much slimmer than today for virtue of being sixteen. In the two following years, during our difficult long-distance relationship, I grew many a protective layer. When we met again in person, ‘You did gain weight’ were his greeting words. Of course, it’s not just the weight, rather, weight is the vanguard of all the things that are wrong, easiest to pick on.

The rest of the world’s population usually pick their words more carefully, all said with love, with the political correctness of today’s world, so full of deformity that it is becoming the new form, and everyone avoids speaking up on pretty much any topic. ‘This shirt looks lovely on you!’, ‘New haircut?’, or even, ‘You look so cute with that puppy fat!’ — a very recent addition to my collection of things that stopped being funny when I reached the age of 20. Or, to circumvent the topic of beauty altogether, ‘How clever!’, ‘What nice photos you take!’ —

I do try to take nice photos, craving beauty like the monster who lives in a dark pit craves light and warmth, devouring soft creatures who wander into its trap in the hope of absorbing some of their vitality and having it reflect on its own hideous scales. (Beauty as a priority is only superficial in those who possess it in plenty, much like food and money.) I also like to write greatly exaggerated self-deprecating blog posts which to read later, when the wave of hopelessness is on the decline, chuckling. ‘It’s not that bad. It’s not what others say, it’s what you feel. Don’t you feel good about your nose? Your ears? Prime stuff, those.’


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It’s already 2009, who’d have thunk. Here’s my contribution to Sundry‘s ever-growing list of 2008 recaps.

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before? Learn Danish, climb huge rocks, get a year ticket to the opera, travel alone for no reason.

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don’t remember making any last year, and I make resolutions every day anyway.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes! I’m now a happy aunt! (My cousin had a son a few days ago)

4. Did anyone close to you die? Unfortunately, yes.

5. What countries did you visit? Israel, Ukraine (first time), and Russia.

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008? Patience, a hot bod, and a house in Jerusalem.

7. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? Probably the days of #3 and#4. And also the day A. gave me a very special gift.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Several months of daily workouts; shooting a vow renewal ceremony for my friend’s parents.

9. What was your biggest failure? The following several months of no workouts at all; the whole driving license fiasco.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? No.

11. What was the best thing you bought? My Nikon D40.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? My family members.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? My own?

14. Where did most of your money go? Take-out coffee and stupid stuff.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? My nephew, my camera, working out, seeing Bob Dylan and Katie Melua live.

16. What song will always remind you of 2008? Maybe February by Jesus Jones or Ghost Town by Katie Melua.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder?
About the same.
b) thinner or fatter? A tad thinner, I guess, but still fatter than I’d like.
c) richer or poorer? Potentially richer, if I get to work now.

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? Changing. Schoolwork.

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? Succumbing to my weaknesses, whining, and procrastinating.

20. How did you spend Christmas? A shift at the hotline and watching Grease on the eve, working the whole day Christmas day.

21. Did you fall in love in 2008? I’m married, this is obviously a trick question.

22. What was your favorite TV program? What, one? I watched and liked Scrubs, House MD, How I Met Your Mother, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Top Design, Project Runway, Californication, and Will&Grace.

23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? I don’t think so.

24. What was the best book you read? Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman and maybe Don Quixote.

25. What was your greatest musical discovery? The Jews Brothers Band might not have been the greatest, but it’s the most recent.

26. What did you want and get? Beside various items, I got to go to Israel and the Crimea; I also made two friends in university, which I’d lost hope of doing a while ago; and I learned some Danish.

27. What did you want and not get? Myself together.

28. What was your favorite film of this year? Wall-E, Get Real and The Fall.

29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I worked all day, argued a lot, and was hungry. I turned 22.

30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? More peace with myself and the world around.

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008? Whatever fits?

32. What kept you sane? A. and the gym.

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? Stephen Fry – always.

34. What political issue stirred you the most? Maybe the U.S. presidential elections.

35. Who did you miss? Most of my friends – they all live far away.

36. Who was the best new person you met? My friend’s boyfriend S.?

37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008. Always write down valuable lessons in case of an end-of-year quiz.

38. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year. Is there a song about how I only remember the past two weeks? ‘I have been drinking heavily the whole time, lalala’?

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hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back from work we go

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Dear diary, it’s been a while. In these past couple of weeks the following things happened:

1) our third wedding anniversary. Last poll showed we are both still pleased with the arrangement, so yeah, staying married for now. If this sounds cynical to you, rest assured we had lots of time for sappy professions of love as we boarded and rode an overnight train to Moscow. How creative is a second-class sleeping carriage for an anniversary venue?

2) we had a seminar in Moscow for work. You might have gathered as much already. After all, we only ever go to Russia, where most of our friends and all of A’s family live, for work. It seems that all we did this week was ride various trains and buses, wait for people, and argue with them. Oh, and goof around, of course. After all, these are the people we love.

3) I turned 22. A gloomy day it was indeed, despite the numerous gifts and celebratory text messages I got. I’d never spent my birthday bickering with people about insignificant aspects of reading texts with children before, and I’d rather it didn’t happen ever again. Oh, and we were hungry most of that day. And I didn’t get a birthday cake, which is plain sinful.

4) I read ‘A Midsummer-night’s Dream’ for the first time from beginning to end, and most of Neal Stephenson’s ‘Quicksilver’, and there are two more books of his Baroque Cycle remaining to read, and Pratchett’s latest, ‘Making Money’. Nothing bad about that.

What did you do? This is not a rhetorical question.

a penny for my thoughts won’t be enough

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This trip turned out to be a learning trip. It was so rich with revelations there was practically no room left for much else.

I learned once again about real friendship, which doesn’t always need to involve personal presence, but is all the more exciting when it does. A friendship I value is a lucky, tricky, strange, full, and happy convergence of two people who couldn’t be more different or more alike. I am lucky to have several of these.

I learned about being the object of the emotions other people usually evoke in myself: concern, kindness, incomprehension, puzzlement, impatience, endless patience, affection, and a desire to share. I haven’t thought much about the way I react to these, and it is probably time to give it more consideration.

I learned a very important lesson about coping with loneliness. I was by myself a lot on the trip, however this was not the self-sufficient solitude of choice, but rather the desolate loneliness of choicelessness. The hours I spent this way left me despairing, with nothing to apply myself to, scared. I want to avoid these.

Finally, I learned something about writing. Someone gave me ‘Lost in Translation’ by Eva Hoffman to read, and the slow, soft, reflective style of someone who went through assimilating a whole new language as their main means of self-expression is an epiphany for me. There is much food for thought in this.

looking up

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my locker-room conversion

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Remember when I complained about feeling awkward in the locker-room at the gym? That has changed. I have been making amazing discoveries. There is a phenomenon acutely present there which I had never experienced such full contact with before, and it is called womanhood.

The women at the gym are quite an assorted bunch. Some of them are annoying, to tell the truth, but each and every one of them, in her unique way, is a woman, a lady, a female – a girl. The sense of femininity is expressed every second, in their every move and action, in their very being.

I can see women standing before mirrors, gingerly poking their sides to see how they’ll look when they lose several pounds. I can see them stealing furtive glances at other women, comparing, envious, gloating, compassionate. I notice that their choice of undergarments is telling.

A woman of about 60 is putting on her swimsuit after a workout. When the slick fabric covers the bumps and scars of age, work, and motherhood, she becomes another happy ageless girl in the bubble bath – just like the three-year old next to her, come with her mom, laughing loud and hard.

In the locker-room, everyone shares – the space and ergo, for just a moment, their life. As I stand before the full-length mirror (alas, no such luxury at home), I see reflections of women leaning against lockers, drying themselves, chatting and giggling at each other, sorting their belongings.

After the workout, the girls gradually transform out of sharing mode, they cover themselves in layers: body cream, then underwear, clothes, accessories, packed bags, lastly a business-like air. They walk out into the lobby and call their assorted boys to pick them up and back into their lives.

Still, a girl, I’ve found out, is always a girl: when she adds a little extra wiggle to her salsa hips – the instructor is a handsome, amiable guy – and when she blushes in the locker-room, surrounded for the first time by casual nudity. When she lingers in the shower, and when she rushes out, hair still dripping.

I used to say I was unfeminine. In our first months together, A. never gave me flowers, because he thought I’d hate them. He was surprised to learn that I actually liked receiving flowers from him. I am now equally surprised to find myself doing all those things I just described. What do you know – I am, too, a girl.

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let’s die young or let’s live forever

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‘How do you turn this off?’ the doctor muses aloud.
‘There’s a button,’ I mutter, popping in just to press it. When I leave, the conversation resumes.
‘This is our Ollka,’ says Grandma to the doctor, ‘And that one before was our Alex. Ollka is married.’
‘Is she?’ the doctor sounds surprised, ‘She looks like a child…’ I stop listening, it’s time to change out of my sweatshirt and cords and head out.
Looking considerably more respectable, I enter Grandma’s room again: ‘Do you need anything before I go?’
‘No, thanks. I was telling the doctor about you.’
‘Really,’ I am not very enthusiastic. After all, she tells everyone.
‘Yes, my dear,’ the kind old doc pipes in seriously, ‘I think you look young. How old are you?’
‘Twenty-one, thank you,’ I smile.
‘Well, I’d have guessed less.’ She looks disapproving.
I smile again and shrug. All my life I was an old-looking teenager, and even if now I am finally a young-looking adult, inside, I am still seventeen – as per doctor’s orders.

too soon to relax, there’s still new year!

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First of all, sorry for the long absence. I was busy making a ‘my year in pictures’ post over at LiveJournal. I won’t repost it here to avoid boring the most faithful reader of both these blogs (duh, me), but here’s a link. No fear, it’ll open in a new window, you won’t be distracted from reading on.

Here’s something else that happened in the last few days. I have managed not to drag a long-overdue work assignment over into the new year. My untraditional way of avoiding that unpleasant scenario was… to quit. A. will finish the job. Meanwhile, I am more than a little humbled by this experience.

See, I’m not a quitter by nature. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m renowned for my (often annoying) persistence. Yet this was something I just couldn’t finish – every time I’d sit down to do it, I’d get this wringing feeling in my belly. And let me tell you – it’s not very nice to have your belly wrung.

Now, as we’re getting ready to enter the year 2008 A.D., I find myself in the new role of a giver-upper. Or, to give it a more refined name – a sissy. Uh-oh, as the Teletubbies used to say. Incidentally, have you ever watched a whole episode of those? I have. Man, there’s some true wisdom in there!

Where was I… Well, the message of this embarrassing post is – there will be no New Year’s resolutions, because I’m a wimp, so no use. However, I want to wish all of you that all of your resolutions would come true. Also, if you’re to assume any new roles in the coming year, let them only be pleasant, i.e., Marie Curie or Clint Eastwood. Let nobody surprise you in disagreeable ways, least of all – yourself. And let every blog you read be exciting and updated every day. Twice.

Hooray for new beginnings!

this is a title

Posted in braces, link, me myself by theobvious on December 14, 2007

I had a doctor’s appointment today, to tighten my braces. It hurt like hell – the metaphor about having teeth pulled out would be redundant here, but that’s how I felt. I only said ‘ow’ twice. I didn’t want to be a wuss, so I laughed.

And then the doctor said my dental hygiene was ‘less than she expected’, though I’d been spending half my life brushing. And I said ‘Sure, thanks, I’ll try harder,’ and spent $15 on a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

And then I had a breakdown at the bus stop. I bawled until my eyes and brow hurt from being screwed up. I deplored my ugly face and fat arse, the cold, the darkness, the strictness of the doctor. I scared A. half to death. It was pitiful.

And then we came home. I had some tea, brushed my teeth thoroughly, watched the Simpsons, listened to A. sing, took pictures of my pathetic self, and read this post by Dooce. You gotta admire her. She’s got contagious bravery.

P.S. Received a lovely email from Yee-haw’s very sweet engineer, could almost believe it wasn’t pre-written, but the instructions didn’t help. Still pondering my next step.

i’m a little teapot short and stout

Posted in bad, me myself by theobvious on November 19, 2007

A. is coming back! He’ll be here tomorrow and there’s something I need to get out of my system before that. So sorry, all twenty of you anonymous readers, Mom, and Rachel, but here goes:

I’m fat! I’m FAT. Fat, fat, fat. I am as fat as a hippo. Make that two hippos. And a boar. I am rounder than the Earth. I could be a fertility symbol. I’m plump, bulky, corpulent. I’m a cow. I’m elephantine. I’m not slender, nor slim.

I am stupid. I am uncreative, useless, dumb. Not a genius, not even close to one. I can’t think. I haven’t been working. Nor working out. Have I mentioned I am fat? I am dimwitted. I detest myself. I am unworthy.

Whoever likes me has poor taste. Whoever wants to be my friend just doesn’t have any other option. Nobody cares what I think. Everyone hates me. At least, all the people who matter do. I suck at everything. I am disgusting.

I love my husband. I’ll try not to tell him these things. You, Internet, on the other hand, can handle it. You are much stronger than A. or me. Especially me. Because I am weak. And fat.


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Another picture. This, in case you were wondering, is me.

I do look a little square in this picture, and I did mess up the black-and-white filter a little. But it is me.

I need to remember that: even if my filters are messed up (and they sure as hell are), I’m me. And I’m fine. Hi.

what do you see?

Posted in me myself, photos by theobvious on November 5, 2007

This is another one from Krakow. I like it. It’s strange, but mellow and rather descriptive of the mood I’m often in: brow furrowed, looking through the window of myself at the world, grudgingly admitting it’s beautiful, but always noticing the black shades from the window frame.

Sigh. I wish I didn’t do that.

mental orthodontics

Posted in i don't know, me myself by theobvious on November 2, 2007

Now that I’m facing a blogging marathon, it’s only fit to talk about inspiration. That’s an increasingly important issue for me.

I was first really inspired to start blogging by Superhero, whose writing is simple yet deep, and she also takes great pictures, makes cool necklaces, and is a hip new mom – what do you want, she’s got superpowers. When I read her archives starting from day one (uhh, stalker!), I felt that her main message for me was: ‘Make it happen for yourself. It’s easier than you think.’

That was a year ago. I’ve been thinking about that ever since. I’ve even talked about it here. What’s worrying me though, is that self-induced inspiration seems a little… dry? Strained? My point is, I do to myself what inspiration is supposed to do – make myself work, make things happen, make life interesting. Yet there’s always a sense of duty to it. Like I tell myself: ‘be inspired! Feel joy! NOW!’

And though it does work, the whole point gets undermined. It’s like curing a cold by yelling at a patient to stop fooling around and get better. Yeah, they do get better – because they’re bullied into it! Admittedly, they are healthy. But wasn’t there a better way to achieve that?

Unfortunately, I still need to learn to deal with the better way. Great art, music, books, movies, and people get me hyper and stammery and all ‘WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! LET’S CREATE!! LET’S LIVE A FULL EXCITING LIFE!!’ I don’t really know how to get past that stage and into actually doing the stuff. I only get there by dutifully telling myself to.

There are certain processes a human organism goes through naturally, arriving at wholesome results and overall joy. Sometimes the process doesn’t happen, and then a painful procedure is required to drag the body through it. Like braces. I guess due to certain reasons I need inspiration braces. That’s what the dull following of my own orders is doing for me. Restrictive, yet hopefully effective.

I am getting real braces too, though. More on that tomorrow.

good job, me, keep it up

Posted in important, me myself by theobvious on October 16, 2007

Today was Blog Action Day. I am not intending this post to be about the environment, but it’s worth mentioning. I wholly support the idea that when many separate people think about something hard enough, it might just change for the better.

For me, however, today was just – Action Day. It could also bear the alternative name of Get A Grip Day, or – Go On Already Day. This means that I did many of the things I’ve been wanting to do, going to do, or fearing for a very long time. And I must admit – it feels uncomfortable, yet liberating.

I started the day off by going to the doctor’s. I have a condition, nothing grave, but it has been with me my whole life, and it has its inhibitions. For as long as I remember, The Day I Got It Taken Care Of has been a distant, yet powerful pillar of hope on the horizon of life. Kind of like prom, only huger. Well, today was supposed to be that day, but of course, it doesn’t happen like that. My appointment with the doc was just the beginning of a long journey. However, even if it will take two or three rather painful years, I now know that it is real, not just a dream.

The next thing I did was walk the five minutes to driving school and enroll. Well, not enroll per se, it is still going to be a couple of days while they process the installment plan application, and then I need to get my health certificate (which will finally make me go through with the social insurance papers, which are long overdue) – but the point is, I’m on my way to achieving another ambition. It seems that pretty soon I’ll be contributing to the national traffic problem, and I couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, I worked out. That’s a major issue for me, because I enjoy exercise, I certainly do not enjoy being too fat for my own liking, but I tend to slack. Today I did about twenty minutes of jump-rope, which is an intensive cardio workout if there ever was one, and then I went out for an hour or so with my brother to exercise my firestaff skills, which are beyond pitiful right now, but I’m trying. I went outside, though it’s cold and dark, and that in itself is a separate Action for my Action Day.

Tomorrow I will try to go to that sociology class I’ve been skipping, and on Wednesday I have an intro-meeting at the Children’s Hotline about that training course I never finished as a kid and have been regretting abandoning for the last five years. I am also planning to meet up with a former best friend whom I’ve fallen out with lately. Thursday should catch me checking out that capoeira group I have been lusting for, and that should complete my Action Week.

Suddenly I believe I can stop looking to others for inspiration – I can try and inspire myself. Things are much easier to deal with when I stop fretting about them or thinking I’m not good enough. I can do most anything when I try. Time to get trying.

might as well do it now

Posted in me myself by theobvious on September 13, 2007

There is a popular meme that’s been traveling across the blogosphere for quite a while now. It’s seen all the major sites, now it’s backpacking through the lesser known regions, trying to keep off the beaten track, eating at McDonald’s and cheap esoteric vegetarian places, you know the drill. It’s the 20 Facts About Me Game.

I figure it makes more sense to do that in the beginning of a blog than when everyone already knows you. So here goes nothing.

1. I live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
2. I spend too much time online
3. I am married, and have been for the last two years – I am 21
4. I’ve lived in three capital cities and would love to live in another dozen or so
5. I am a Polish language major, I don’t know why
6. I consider myself a night person
7. I am unable to make choices
8. I am great at spelling, and I never leave spelling mistakes anywhere, even in text messages, if I can help it
9. Stupid people bother me
10. I think too much
11. I talk too much
12. I am sometimes refreshingly funny, and sometimes embarrassingly not
13. I am sarcastic, sardonic, ironic and every other wrong kind of humor
14. I have been wearing glasses since second grade
15. My dream is to work doing something creative
16. I am extremely stubborn
17. I read all the time – if I don’t have a book I start reading food ingredients and shampoo instructions
18. I always brush my teeth twice a day with the door locked
19. I am impulsive
20. I need to work on my willpower

Speaking of the latter, my eyes are no longer responding to my attempts to will them open. Which makes it rather difficult to type. And I was doing so well up until now. Ah well. Pip-pip.