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Posted in advertising, nablopomo by theobvious on November 26, 2010

Not only are naked Pamela and Justin bringing lots of traffic in, someone was actually referred to this blog yesterday from a website called Cheapest Viagra. I’m famous for all the wrong reasons!

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Posted in advertising, good, link by theobvious on June 26, 2008

Of the numerous design and advertising websites that I follow religiously, not one has mentioned, which is Converse’s new web campaign. It is, in fact, true to its name – an index of other websites with transparent names.

One of them is – one of the best cinematic efforts I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe the best one.
Another is – I encourage you to visit this website if you are in need of passionate, unconditional support.
And of course there’s – a wonderfully inspirational message, unmarred even by the giant Converse logo at the end.

All of them are short, most of them are funny, they made my day, which was otherwise packed with grim things such as the House season finale (made me weep), and a book from my childhood which I re-read, oblivious to the fact that everyone dies in it (made me weep too).

In short, I recommend.