The Obvious

100 things that made me happy in 2017

Posted in life by theobvious on January 9, 2018
  1. Planning the wedding (only the fun bits)
  2. Getting married (twice)
  3. Having our Lithuanian family and friends here in Jerusalem (the pre-wedding brunch was everything)
  4. Encouraging S to start a DnD game
  5. Encouraging S to maybe turn a new career leaf (make peace with the old and start learning the new)
  6. Walking with S, no matter where
  7. Going out for coffee and catching the swing at the cafe we like
  8. Listening to audiobooks together (started in the car and now we actually make time for it at home sometimes)
  9. Dinners together (usually S cooking, but I make a good chicken and rice in the oven)
  10. Doing what I’m told and relinquishing responsibility to S
  11. Surprising S even if it’s in a small way (I made him cookies and I made him a lord)
  12. Spending several weeks in Czechia with S on our honeymoon
  13. The Prague Zoo (probably the best day of the trip)
  14. Amazing alchemy museum in Prague
  15. Hamleys (the jaw-dropping toy store)
  16. Weekend getaway in Haifa on my birthday
  17. Weekend in Vilnius with the ladies (thank you for the wonderful hen party)
  18. Going to Vilnius without plans or obligations (to rest and hang out)
  19. Driving a fancier car than ours (using the very fun CityBee in Vilnius)
  20. Medieval music in an old church during a rainstorm
  21. Going floating on a lake with S despite our fear of water
  22. Starting and finishing a challenging work project
  23. Traveling for work
  24. Translating prose
  25. Translating movies
  26. Getting appreciated at work (even a little bit)
  27. Trading time and services instead of money
  28. Sorting out tax issues to the point of being ok (I think, at least until the next tax report)
  29. Working in a place that is green and encourages walks (the Givat Ram campus)
  30. Freedom to choose how and when I do things (a product of wearing several hats at work)
  31. Allowing ourselves to cancel days and not always strive for the 100%
  32. Embracing responsibility (pet care, work hours, etc.)
  33. Saying no to things (spreading my load more evenly)
  34. Saying yes to things (trying something I did not know I would succeed at)
  35. Being sick at home (free pass to be lazy)
  36. Talking to people before judging them
  37. Developing steady routines (like food prep etc.)
  38. Noticing patterns in my thinking (using 10Q and other awareness tools)
  39. Sticking to habits (like Duolingo, even for a little bit)
  40. Pushing through unpleasant self-care chores (such as doctors)
  41. Getting a bunny (even though we had to give him away)
  42. Letting our growing dog define our schedules
  43. Kittens on campus
  44. Looking at animals during Saturday trips
  45. Holding a variety of puppies
  46. Meeting the hedgehog that lives in our area (he let me pet his face one time)
  47. Petting alpacas
  48. Our cat becoming friendly and pet-like (e.g. he always says hello in the morning)
  49. Not only hearing, but seeing birds in the trees
  50. The awesome Sherlock coat that I got as a gift from my sister-in-law
  51. Magnet poetry
  52. Movies at the cinema
  53. Movies on the couch
  54. Getting hard into reality TV shows with S
  55. BBC Earth II and BBC Blue Planet II
  56. Reading, discovering amazing books and sharing them
  57. Conquering reading in Hebrew
  58. Completing the Goodreads challenge I set myself (112 out of 100 books in a year)
  59. Lighting candles (Hanukkah and just some amazing smelling ones we got as a wedding gift from Ana and Zsolt)
  60. Drawing doodles and comics
  61. Playing childhood music loudly in the car (f. ex. Evanescence)
  62. Writing
  63. Writing BY HAND
  64. Sticking to a newsletter I do for some friends
  65. Making our monthly calendar (the most useful tool in our house, it lives on the fridge and we write our entire lives on it)
  66. Making several new friends (mainly through walking the dog and meeting other dogs and their people)
  67. Making friends with an entire bookstore (May Books, currently R.I.P., surely soon to be resurrected, we have faith)
  68. Going somewhere for the principle and staying for the fun (R&R Diner in Jerusalem where we went because they were bullied and found that it was delicious)
  69. Buying presents for people
  70. Getting and opening presents and parcels (Mom’s winter care package was joy)
  71. Planning birthday surprises
  72. Giving people advice that actually helps (I’m always surprised when that happens)
  73. Reading a friend’s blog and following its advice (Merrygoroundslowly)
  74. Cheering on Mom’s Bali adventure
  75. Being someone’s go-to person for something
  76. Accepting variety in my exercise (not being rigid with what’s right and wrong)
  77. Getting a new bike for my birthday from S and powering through uphill riding (work in progress)
  78. Stopping whining and cheating myself at the gym (a conscious decision in a single moment)
  79. Completing two 30 day yoga challenges
  80. Seeing some muscle definition where I didn’t expect it
  81. Going back to capoeira (for like 5 minutes before it all fell apart, but still)
  82. Staying off sugar (with travel exceptions and with sugar-free cookies of course)
  83. Learning languages
  84. Hearing Avigdor Shinan and Meir Shalev in conversation
  85. Learning random facts (S explained how to make chocolate that doesn’t melt)
  86. Going to school (not an easy decision)
  87. Creating things I always wanted to know how (JavaScript et al.)
  88. Passing my driving test and driving a lot
  89. Publishing a book (I do not like the result, but I got it done and that’s what matters)
  90. Donating blood
  91. Getting pierced
  92. Taking photos and walking by myself, eyes open, to do so
  93. New laptop (sad because I had to go back to Windows)
  94. New phone (already obsolete, how fun)
  95. New bookshelves (so many books in the house)
  96. Showers while looking through the window at the trees across the street
  97. The constant blooming of our neighborhood
  98. Cocktails (of which we first discovered the joy in Cesky Krumlov)
  99. Google Arts & Culture
  100. Harry Potter (always Harry Potter)

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