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The Thirtieth Year

Posted in life by theobvious on August 25, 2017

The end of the summer is always the end of the year for me. Ever since I was in school and everything that was new would always begin on September 1st, the last week of August has been a slightly melancholy time for evaluating the year that passed.

I was a little afraid of the year when I turned thirty. Three decades is a lot of years, and the starting point was somewhat bleak. Yet very soon after my birthday last year the tide began turning. During this year, so many important things started or came to an end.

My love proposed to me, and I was taken entirely by surprise. Fast forward eight months, and we were married and had a wonderful honeymoon. He is an amazing gift from the universe, the hope that came after all hope, the chivalrous prince, the strength in the sea of weakness, the joy in a sea of sadness. We have helped each other through very difficult times this year, and I am happy to be there for him as he is for me.

As we were already family-minded, over the course of the year we adopted a puppy, a cat, and a bunny. The puppy was the real step, as from a couple with unassuming pet rats in a cage we turned into a couple with a dog, which involves immense responsibility and an actual responsive being with many needs and a mind of its own, whom we need to provide for, educate, care for medically, plan our schedule around, overcome annoyance with and overall treat much like a child.

After so many starts and stops, the little book I had been preparing for a while came out. It is only a guidebook, I am not very happy with it, and I don’t think it represents a great achievement, but finishing it was in itself an accomplishment for me. Another similar accomplishment is the completion of a fiction book translation, which is not out yet, but as of yesterday I am at last free of its burden. Again, I did not like the book much, but it took me all summer to do, and it is now done.

It took over a year and much expense, disappointment, sheer willpower and support on the part of most everyone I know, but I completed my driving course and became a licensed driver. I’ve since made a horrible mistake or two, but I’ve also driven us on several cross-country road trips and been able to take the wheel when it was difficult for S., which I have always wanted to be able to do, because we share our responsibilities in this family, yet he was the sole licensed driver up until now.

In the same vein, I have finally got up the courage to send myself to school. It is a very intense and very costly course, although in my academically snobby mind it is inferior to ‘real studies’. Really challenging in an exciting way, it is hopefully going to expand my existing skillset, give me the ability to actually create a career and a future for myself. I wonder what my grandfather would have said, he who expected me to become a PhD at the very least.

This has been a very important year in my life. In the life of my little family as well. We are finding our feet and taking measures to have these feet become sturdier and less wobbly every day. We have our setbacks and our share of hardship, but we are finally moving forward, not back, and even though it is hard to believe there is a future, at least if one turns up, the ground will have been laid.

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