The Obvious

i want, in no particular order

Posted in life by theobvious on April 13, 2012


To be in Paris, Venice, Vilnius, Europe Europe Europe;

To not have read the Chrestomanci books or to find something as good;

Real good cake;

Hotel bedsheets;

A couple dozen graphic novels;

To not be gainfully employed and not be bothered;

A house with a garden and a view of the sea and a puppy;

To be pretty;

All new clothes;

Great Allen-esque movies I’ve not yet seen, with all my favorite actors;

To not be missing out;

All new gadgets;

For the house to always be clean;

To not ever feel guilt and self-loathing;

To have a certain problem solved forever;

New books to translate;

A huge decorating budget or at least a small decorating budget;

A bike;

A break.


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