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Posted in books by theobvious on July 12, 2011

As readers go, I am rather naive. I’ve been trained in reading critically, analytically, but when it comes to reading for pleasure, my reactions are purely emotional and border on childlike. A single tweet would be enough to convey them. Like these recent reads:

“Montag just burned Beatty and I’m scared.” — Fahrenheit 451

“Intriguing. Disturbing. Intriguing. Very disturbing! Long.” — The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore

“Make Adrian live, make him live, oh no!” — Overqualified

“Jessica Wakefield is a bitch and needs to be slapped.” — Double Love (Sweet Valley High)

“There is no hope for anyone anywhere and everyone will die.” — The Fixer

“Unfair unfair unfair UNFAAAAIR!” — Vernon God Little

“Unfair unfair unfair UNFAIR RACISTS!” — Arthur and George

“Seriously? In these conditions, you found it possible to invite yourself to their house?” — The Bookseller of Kabul

“How can the author bear them not finding out?” — The Bastard of Istanbul

And so on. In a way these can be said to be the purest and most honest recommendations I can provide for these books, sharing not the product of my intellectual processing, but the actual impact they have on wherever feelings come from — my gut, probably — and can be expected to have on others.


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