The Obvious

things that make me happy

Posted in good by theobvious on December 10, 2010

1. Lists: when I want to say something but can’t bring myself to put it into paragraphs.

2. These photos of Europe in snow: they’re beautiful and I actually like snow. In fact, I believe most people like snow. It’s the paraphernalia that’s sickening—the dirty slush when the temperature rises, the cold ears when you’re just trying to avoid hat hair, the itchy skin when you come in from the frost and start thawing…

2a. The fake snow on my blog: I switched it on last year, and apparently this year it restarted automatically, so I came on here and suddenly it’s fake-snowing!

3. This comic: it’s set in a world where mythical creatures are a reality, karma is a serious issue, and crazy preachers in the street yell about evolution. It’s well-written, and I love the pet manticore, too.

4. This cartoon: touching and funny, and check out the smile on that eel’s face! [Update: it’s been removed from YouTube, but if you look for “Partly Cloudy” you should find a copy.]

5. Yoga: I do not believe in chakras and am not going to start referring to air as prana, the essence of life, any time soon, but it does me good to spend three hours a week doing good strong stretches and having five-minute naps (I always fall asleep when the instructor starts waxing on about Sat Chit Ananda during final relaxation).


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