The Obvious

because it’s required of a personal blog

Posted in me myself, nablopomo by theobvious on November 28, 2010

Here are some lesser known and quite uninteresting facts about me:

1. I am gullible like hell, you can tell me anything, and I’ll believe it and be happy about it, which causes friction with A., who is the type of guy to say “Yes, that is great, but in fact—”;

2. I never want to go to bed, nor to get up, and the knowledge that I will not get enough sleep (when it’s very late and there is no way to avoid getting up early) makes me cry;

3. I love receiving letters, but it is often difficult for me to write them. Snail mail thrills me: the delayed satisfaction of not knowing immediately who it is that wrote is exciting;

4. I am a perfectionist in the sense that I need all of anything. If I’m reading a seven-book series and the second book disappoints, I’ll most likely finish the series;

5. I have lately been scared of the dark, and of loud noises, and of bugs, and of thieves, and of heights, and many other things. I wish I weren’t such an anxious person;

6. I like things that are grey or blue, and pretty fonts, and spices, and nice packaging, and checking out new cafes, and shopping for gifts, and puppies, and layers.

There’s plenty more, but I’ve bored myself by now. I’m very easily bored. Also, the hatred of the word “I” repeated many times on a page — we have it, my precioussss.

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