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the world is getting old

Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 20, 2010

Something that really shook me just now is that Woody Allen is 75 years old. I mean, the guy was 51 when I was born. He always looks about 45-48 in the movies, I never thought about his real age, and now it just hit me. Really, is the scariest website: you watch a great movie, you log on to imdb, you check out the actors—wham, they’ve all aged since the movie was made and are now grey-haired, wrinkly, and playing people’s parents.

Take the cast of Friends, for example, these guys have embodied what being young and starting out on your own was for ten years, and now Matt LeBlanc looks like Joey would if he stood still for a year and his hair got really dusty. And Matthew Perry has a permanently tired face with a gritty quality. Courteney Cox plays the lead in a show about cougars for chrissake! Or Sex and the City—if it started now, who would believe it? They’re all 45 or 50!

And the generation before them, the guys who star in all of my favourite movies? Robin Williams is 59 and has this permanent old man’s stubble. Dustin Hoffman is in the same league as Woody Allen, he’s just two years younger. The boy who killed himself in Dead Poets Society is now going through mid-life crises on House. Julie Andrews—Maria, the fresh-faced nun who falls for the Captain—was born in 1935. Even baby-faced Adam Sandler is forty-four!

I don’t even want to make any conclusions on the end of this post.

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  1. annelotte said, on November 21, 2010 at 1:32 am

    …and Keanu Reeves is three months older than my dad.

    Айэмдибил is really freaking me out.

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