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pamela anderson and justin bieber naked

Posted in nablopomo, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on November 17, 2010

Whatever I do, this frankly unremarkable post remains the most visited on my blog, and that’s not because it’s too interesting, but thanks to my penchant for silly off-the-wall blog titles. People are just googling ‘hello in Albanian’ and getting here. Why are they doing it? Are they all going to Albania? Are they taking the dated Russian equivalent of LOL-speak, ‘Olbanian’, and the popular mocking recommendation to ‘learn Olbanian’ seriously? Should I replace the contents of that post with valuable clickable banners and monetize? I must come up with a creative way to use a space which is seen by above of seven people daily (gasp!). Or maybe I can give this post an even better title, so that it becomes the attraction. Hmm, let’s see…*

Anyway, most of today was horrid. I overslept by four hours, stumbled on maybe five great ideas when it was too late to act on them, felt like a giant ugly ass, was hungry and cranky most of the time, and so on and so forth. Not to put too fine a point on it, I HATED EVERY MINUTE. But then I got to read for two hours (I’m reading a series I adored as a child, which largely inspired my envy of boys, in the original Polish, and getting a great kick of it). Then I got told I looked great three times in a row (admittedly, by the same excitable person, but nonetheless). And then two separate very cool couples said they wanted to surf our couch this weekend and the next—everyone wants to come see the lovely city of V.! So now I feel better. The (happy) end.

*I feel I might have done this once before, but can’t find that post, so let’s say it never happened.

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