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Posted in blogroll, nablopomo by theobvious on November 16, 2010

Here are ten blogs which hardly ever get skipped when they come up on my Google Reader:

  1. A Cup of Jo — it’s usually sweet and full of pretty things.
  2. Abstract City — gorgeous and funny illustrated stories.
  3. Bliss — love her I Love Mondays where she lists shopping finds.
  4. Dooce — snarky, funny, and well-written.
  5. Gemma Correll — wonderful illustrator, loves coffee and pugs.
  6. Hark, a Vagrant — sarcastic, highly educated comics.
  7. Information is Beautiful — infographics are my friends.
  8. Letters of Note — unique documents of diverse times and events.
  9. Penelope Bagieu — funny, nicely drawn, helpful for my French.
  10. Stephen Fry — can’t be a true fan and not read the blog.

Not to mention, of course, the daily comic strips like Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Inkdick, and Indexed, among others.

Check them all out!

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