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this one’s for the ladies

Posted in film, important, nablopomo by theobvious on November 14, 2010

Warning! This is a silly post! Proceed at your own peril.

We all know that smart and cynical is the new sexy. Not every modern intelligent woman wants Schwartz or Brad Pitt any more—many will much rather have House. The kind of woman that loves with her brain appreciates the brilliance and clever repartee that the likes of Gregory House, MD have to offer, even if they come without a shock of blond hair and piercingly blue eyes. The lineup of unlikely heartthrobs up to now has included, to name a few:

Edmund Blackadder (especially Series 2, I think): cowardly, spiteful, egotistic, and very clever.

Gregory House: brash, egocentric, addicted to drugs, misanthropic, and very clever.

Hank Moody: a failure in many ways, insolent, sex addict, no self-control, and yes, clever.

John James Preston (Mr. Big): conceited, irrational, weak-willed, yet still clever.

Remember, these are not personal favorites, but results of highly scientific research. (My own tastes are only reflected in Blackadder being named first, he he.) These men may not be uniformly handsome, but they are all appealing to the female intelligence. Well, my selfless quest for new knowledge has yielded an addition to the list in the shape of:

Bernard Black. He is an alcoholic, to be sure, those droopy eyelids may not be everyone’s cup of tea, he is disgustingly messy, he hates people, and he smokes like a chimney. But! He owns a bookstore (+212 cool points with a reading woman), and knows his Austen from his Toole. He is charmingly eccentric, and quite witty in the right way. (“I fell, it was not exactly dashing.”) He is grumpy and possessive of his books, and he ruffles his hair when he’s troubled—and so I rest my case and you all must watch the regrettably short Black Books right now.

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