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i’m annoyed

Posted in christmas, i don't know, nablopomo, ugliness by theobvious on November 9, 2010

I’m in a crappy mood today. My dreams were tiresome and sticky, and by the time I’d kicked myself out of bed, my mood was settled, and nothing I did made it any better. Some of the things that made me mad and impatient today were:

– work (not enough, too much, uncreative, overwhelming),

– lunch (all wrong, and then I had too many sweets),

– my looks (to be crowned the Queen of Fat soon, stay tuned),

– the cats (destructive, noisy and spoiled),

– our winter vacation (expensive and potentially dangerous),

– me (whiny, neurotic, useless, self-absorbed).

And then we went for dinner and groceries with my parents, and there were Christmas trees in shop windows and a Santa Claus on my father’s Coke bottle. And I realized it will be Christmas very soon. It’s mid-November already, and in my mind, summer has just ended. That did nothing to improve my state. The end.

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