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Posted in nablopomo, quote by theobvious on November 6, 2010

A quote from Architectural Digest (October ’02) by Murray Moss on Nymphenburg porcelain*:

“We’ve gotten to the point where we needed objects that you could take and hurl against the wall without destroying them. But things that are fragile, that would make you feel a loss if they broke, these kinds of objects become behavior modifiers—when you handle them, you become a different person. Maybe the purpose of these objects—one of their side benefits—is to civilize us.”

The reason I’m quoting AD is not just because this is a lovely thought, but also because all I’ve done today was read magazines, as I discovered yesterday that my favourite bookshop in Vilnius sells used foreign magazines for about $2, and I couldn’t resist stuffing my bag with those lovely deco-glossies I’d been lusting after but could never justify buying for $20 and more per issue. The bookshop gets even more love from me now.

*Hate the porcelain, love the name Nymphenburg.

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