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a bit of a filler post, but a true story

Posted in nablopomo, people, weird by theobvious on November 3, 2010

Dear diary,

I stalked someone a bit today. I was meeting a friend for tea up at the bookstore/cafe next door to work, and there were a few minutes to spare, so I got out my reader. This pleasant-looking lady was nursing her little baby at the next table. After a few minutes, she suddenly addressed me in English, asking which model the reader was. Keen as I am to advertise the things I like, I explained about it (it’s a Digma, the webpage is in Russian, but I can totally vouch for it), and went back to reading.

Later, my friend had arrived and we sat chatting, when I saw the lady get up to leave. For some reason, an image flashed before my eyes of her and me getting to know each other, me getting up the courage to say how I admire her for nursing in public (I’m so for that, and I loved this recent heartfelt post on the subject), and so on, so I just rushed after her and stuck my card in her hand, saying she could ask me if she wanted to follow up on the reader, then grinned stupidly and went back to my table. Looking back, I’ve no idea why I did that, but I’m fairly sure I freaked her out.

And that, dear diary, is how I tried being creepy for the first time in my life. Is this how dorky guys feel when they’re trying to get hot girls to go out with them?

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