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Posted in uncategorized by theobvious on September 10, 2010

Oh God, she’s lost her will to blog! Someone put her out of her misery, quick! But seriously, I’m fine. Look, I’m eating an apple. Only healthy people eat apples, that’s common sense.

These days, I manage to combine a profound ongoing existential crisis with being just fine. Slightly like a schizophrenic or a set of conjoined twins, I’m in two minds and maybe two souls about everything. There’s actually a lot of writing and talking going on, but most of it is inside my head. Somehow, the value of putting it all out there has become less obvious to me. I’ve forgotten what blogging is for.

I have a self-portrait from a couple of months ago which sort of reflects the way I am now. My hair is now shorter. Insignificant as it may be, I feel compelled to mention this so that nobody is tempted to think that photography is ever faithful to reality. Here, as soon as I uploaded it for this post, it popped up on Goggle Buzz, and there’s no reason to keep it here. My point exactly.

self-p. in hotel room

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