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15 facts about me

Posted in me myself, meme, nablopomo by theobvious on November 27, 2009

Nothing like an old meme to fill an empty space.

1. I once erased my entire history for a year because someone had asked me not to advertise the music he’d given me and I didn’t know I could only delete the record for that one song.

2. I do a great many things on an impulse; later, I regret not having thought it through, especially when it comes to purchases.

3. I am almost always translating everything in my head or just speaking to myself in different languages.

4. Our stuffed toys make me feel guilty, but I am too sentimental to give them away.

5. When I’m alone, I’m a slob, but at the same time I clean the house compulsively.

6. Envy is something I detest in myself, but can’t get rid of.

7. I often wish I was born elsewhere. I wish I were musical. I wish I were younger; you get the gist.

8. I am cripplingly shy and compensate for it by being a loud, constantly talking upstart.

9. Memories of several very embarrassing moments will haunt me to the grave. I’d pay dearly to find out whether the other participants of those moments still remember them.

10. I can’t take criticism; I force myself to, and do okay most of the time. But it’s always difficult.

11. I have no will to talk of.

12. I am clever in a shallow way; I don’t think I’m actually very good at anything, but I do a reasonable job of disguising it.

13. Looking over these facts, it seems I do quite a lot of pretending. Yet I think of myself as pretty honest.

14. Sarcasm is my lifeline; this everyone knows I guess.

15. I need symmetry in everything, so I couldn’t have a list of 14 points. 15 is a better number, because it can be divided by five.

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  1. Roee said, on November 27, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    You forgot, “I can’t tell a fact from an evaluation” :((

    • ollka said, on November 27, 2009 at 7:36 pm

      first time i see you use a sad smiley, and a double one, too. hmm.

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