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making lists

Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 25, 2009

My usual day, made into a brief list of dilemmas:
– Get up on time and feel sick or hit snooze and be late to work?
– Splurge on tasty coffee or frugally have icky tea?
– Lunch break or leave early?
– Assignment[1], assignment[2], assignment[3], assignment[4], or procrastination?
– Wallow in self-pity or invite someone over and be bored?
– Have enough hours of sleep or sit late into the night?

A brief list of things that I’d like to buy or get:
– A cool bike
– Some new clothes
– Some great gifts
– A never-ending bag of cat food
– Any cool new gadget
– A vacation

A list of people I’d like to hit or have disappear:
– Everyone boring and annoying
– Everyone involved in keeping A. in Russia
– Everyone involved in cutting my grandparents’ pensions
– Everyone I owe work to

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