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Posted in nablopomo, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on November 23, 2009

It’s raining in my Gmail inbox, which means it’s most likely raining outside. Through my window I can see workers pouring water off the roof of the building they are constructing. Such is the view from my office window: a construction site. It used to be a sheer wall (which, in fact, was not sheer at all, unfortunately, you could see bugger all through it). Now they’ve made windows in it, and seem close to completion. Perhaps one day I will be able to see people through those windows. Like this, one of my favourite short films:

Work is progressing very slowly, and I am feeling frustrated. This is not a day to give myself any pats on the back. Sadly, as much as I love translating, it does not seem to be my calling today. To top it all off, my tea sits cold and stale-tasting on my desk before I ever finish it. On the other hand, it is lovely to actually have a work desk. There are scissors and pens in a cup right before me. What a sight for the sore eyes of a stationery freak!

I brought some music from home. It brightens my mood somewhat. The current band is called Fitness Forever, which gets me thinking fondly of the days spent at the gym. What if I renew my membership when my worker’s wages come in? (That jolly day may very well be tomorrow.) Some physical activity could be nice in this weather. Naturally, thinking about it is probably as far as I will get.

Update: This is a bit of a pointless post, isn’t it? Just thought I’d update whomever is reading this on the current affairs. Of which there aren’t much. It’s not like anyone’s asking me out to any fun events or anything. I’m just sayin’. I miss everyone. Sigh. (Is it bad taste to end a post on a sigh?) (Do posts show up numerous times on RSS readers when updated?) (I do enjoy parentheses.)

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  1. suriel said, on November 24, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    hi! reading from the feed =) generally, it just updates — I only got 1 post, despite updates.

    hope your day improves !

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