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Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 22, 2009

Watching So You Think You Can Dance season 2. It’s great, and I much prefer the new host and the new structure of the show. However, America doesn’t know what it’s doing with its votes half the time, and one more thing: when they are announcing the results, every time a new group of dancers comes up, the host says: ‘Are you ready for the results? Let’s dim the lights’ – which, can’t they teach the lighting crew that ‘Are you ready for your results’ is their cue? Why does she have to say it every time? Anno-YING.

Other than that, I am having quite an enjoyable day, even with some work under my belt. I wish A. was here and that I weren’t stuffing my face with so much chocolate, but for tomorrow at work I have a smart plan all set out, my friend is back from her trip to Malta (why does everyone always leave at the same time?) and as long as everything goes smoothly, this next week may be much easier on me than the last one. We’ll see.

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