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shabbat shalom

Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 20, 2009

In other words, happy Day When Religious Jews Aren’t Even Allowed To Talk To Their Wives Over Text-Messages Even Though They’re Far Away And That’s About The Only Consolation To The Wife. I know you’re not supposed to work on shabbat, but the prohibition on using the phone and public transportation I will never understand. Honestly, I just feel as though it’s people not knowing where to put their Prohibition Energy. (Newsflash: Blogger, 23, Victim of Stoning Following Outrageous Remarks Against Religion).

Oops, got a bit distracted there with all that capitalization. All I meant to say was, happy whatever you want to call it. I’m sorry for being such a horrible sourface. Hope your weekend is peaceful and beautiful.

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