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Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 17, 2009

This very useful website has just told me that were I to realize my dream of moving to New Zealand, I would be living almost precisely on the opposite side of the Earth to where I was born. I must look into the possibilities of drilling a tunnel. It would have to curve just a tiny bit in order to avoid ending in the ocean, but this is a mere technicality. The project might take a while, but have I not time to kill? I am young, with energy to spare, and there is nothing better to do anyway.

When it’s time to retire, I’ll be just about ready to stretch my legs on the beach and enjoy the green-ness and tranquility of it all, as well as all the sheep. I like sheep. When I was a little girl, my brother and I were taken for tea to a lovely, if a bit on the tedious side, house in Oxfordshire, where as children we were entertained by a demonstration of sheep. It was highly enjoyable, and I remember it clearly to this day. The sheep had blue and red dye markings on their backs. The host seemed quite proud for owning so many, and such good ones.

This post has been brought to you by the letter d, thoughtfully removed from my keyboard by Oscar the little gray kitten (currently acting as a pillow for Lorca, the slightly less little red kitten). I have been trying to navigate my words all night, while writing several letters for business and leisure, and even doing a little translation job. Now it has hit me that I needn’t become enslaved by the shortcomings of my machine. After all, I am a majestic human being who will soon begin a major drilling project.

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  1. Akvile said, on November 18, 2009 at 4:42 am

    You could start digging, let’s say, in the courtyard of our dear library – I don’t think that anybody would notice…

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