The Obvious

alone, day 2

Posted in nablopomo by theobvious on November 16, 2009

Everything scares me (I’m considering sleeping in a chair because I’m so afraid of being in the bedroom alone), the stupid hygienist frightened me with possible surgery, I’m too messed up to be writing really, but at least this obligation is something to hold on to.

By the way, my prediction for today was quite accurate – the day was sucky to the extent that when I came to work, the receptionist yelled at me, and when I called my expected lunch date, she said ‘Oops, I’m so sorry, now I remember we had plans, but I’m actually out of town.’

I was sort of pissed, and had some Ramen noodles instead of going out for lunch. Oh, and those noodles were all I ate today, because there was no fucking time before the hygienist and now I’m not sure what I’m allowed to eat without my teeth turning red or falling out or whatever.

Is this the most annoying teenage blog yet? Wait and see what comes next.

Updated to add: lovely, now the stupid kitten broke out a key from my laptop, which I’m not sure is fixable. Last time that happened, A. fixed it for me, but this time something seems to have cracked, and A. is not heeeereee!

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