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Posted in braces, nablopomo by theobvious on November 13, 2009

– Hi, Radio Too Much Information is back from commercial break, and we’re glad to report that the Internet is, actually, sometimes wrong. For example, when it makes generalizations about the sort of pain/discomfort everyone is likely to feel when getting braces removed. Recent studies have shown that each individual procedure feels different to each and every patient. Surprise, surprise. Our field reporter went into a clinic this morning to investigate. Over to you, Ted!

– Yes, thank you, Kevin. My hands-on investigation started off with the doc telling me to remove my glasses because, and I quote, ‘there may be some splashing’. One hell of an introduction, isn’t it? Cut to blood-splattered latex gloves wiggling in front of my eyes, needless to say, I was mortified. However, by the time they got to polishing, there had been no significant pain to report, and I had almost relaxed. Which was a mistake, because, and this is the conclusion of my research, THE POLISHING IS THE BITCH. So to our listeners at home, if you ever have to face this procedure, be prepared to grab the nearest thing and hold on for dear life. Of course, that’s if you’re anything like me, because like Kevin said, it’s different for everyone.

– Thanks Ted. That’s what I call dedication, everyone! I bet Ted is now relaxing at home in his pajamas after a grueling day. By the way, did you know that pajamas were discovered by the British, when they adopted Indian native dress to replace nightgowns? This little tidbit brought to you by the wonderful blog, Ancient Industries. This concludes today’s broadcast. Thank you for being with us, right after the break it’s What My Cat Threw Up on Radio TMI.

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