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Posted in uncategorized by theobvious on May 26, 2009

I’m gonna sing you a song, oh baby,
Gonna sing you of my school.
I’m gonna sing you a song, honey,
Gonna tell it like it is.

I got one teacher, mama, she ain’t what she wants to be, no.
Got this one teacher, mama, she ain’t what she thinks she is.
She is tuppence short of a shilling, is what I think of her.
Yeah, two sleeves short of a shirt, that is what I think she is.

She says, ‘let us read this poem y’all, let us discover what it sez.
Let us read this good old poem here, let the prosody sink in.
I got a wonderful surprise for y’all, it’s a reading you ain’t heard.
Just read the first word of each line, yeah, there’s a secret meaning there!’

Refrain (from picking my school)

I got this other teacher, mama, well she’s pretty well-disposed.
Oh yes, this other teacher, mama, she just loves me like her own.
She says, ‘you’re real smart, kid, you stand clear out of the bunch.
You know the answers to my questions, so I’ll be stingy with your grade!’

She asks me why I even bother, why I go to this old school.
She tells me I’m too smart for all of this, so why ever go to school.
Quite surprisingly, oh mama, I agree with my whole heart.
Anyone is too smart for this, dunno why it’s me she’s singled out.

Refrain (at least from picking my major)

There is this third teacher, baby, oh she is boring like my shoe.
In fact my shoe is way more fun, yeah, at least it’s got some pretty stripes.
Once when she finished teaching early, she just stood there real still.
I say, she done finished teaching, and she just stood for half an hour.

She gives us papers to present, baby, real big scholarly works.
Yeah, big old articles that sometimes we need to spell out just for her.
And she just sits there like a doll, baby, sits there smiling like a doll.
She just nods her head and smiles, yeah, I bet she doesn’t get a word.


Oh come on over to my school, yeah, come on over, be my guest.
Yes, pay a visit to my school, babe, it’s a historic building too.
But all the history there is, babe, does not make it worth the while.
No, all the history they boast of don’t make it less of a joke.

The last news that I heard was, if you drop out they’ll make you pay.
You heard me right baby, if you drop out they make you pay.
Pay back the price of all the years, yeah, all the years you went to school.
Because of everything it gave you, the things you took and won’t return.

So this song’s about my school, honey,
Education’s so much fun.
This is a song about my school, baby,
That’s where they taught me how to rhyme.

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  1. anniewhere said, on May 27, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    oh it sounds so familiar, sister, i can’t even tell you how
    oh it sounds so familiar, sister, i can’t even tell you how
    i guess it’s better to refrain from any school
    at least in our field
    oh, yeah, i’m talking our field
    our linguistic semantic lexicological literary foreign language

    (tydyshch tydydydyshch)

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