The Obvious

re: israel

Posted in important, israel by theobvious on January 10, 2009

Someone called me Zionist scum comma pig very recently. Admittedly, I’ve never thought of myself in these terms before, but I do think Israel has the right to protect itself against terrorism. And just because there are beasts in Gaza who happily prop their missile launch pads on their babies’ cribs, that in itself is not reason enough to sit around and let them bomb cities for years during a cease-fire.

Israel tries its damnedest to avoid hitting civilians, while Hamas terrorists aim specifically for them – and then go to Israeli hospitals and get treatment for deteriorated hearing (occupational injury). Israel provides medical services to terrorists who insult personnel and claim that they will get back to shooting missiles as soon as they have been treated. Israel is trying to force out a government which is detrimental to its own citizens.

I really wish there was a way to have every single terrorist drop dead without hurting innocent people (even though it is hard not to wonder to what extent anyone is innocent there, apart from the babies). However, as that is not happening just yet, it would be nice at least not to see people everywhere assuming this absurdly holier-than-thou position of judging Israel for its ‘inadequate response’, ‘cruelty’, ‘massacre’, and ‘genocide’.

I honestly believe that people should either keep out of it or accept that Israel has been fighting this war at great costs for a very long time, and that there is no such thing as being against terrorism, but also against using military methods of forcing it down. One is either against Hamas, and ergo for any way that allows to destroy it, or pro-terrorism, in which case one is not normal and deserves to go fight in the war instead of all the young boys and girls whose parents are going prematurely grey-haired as we speak.


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