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Posted in diy, home, photos by theobvious on August 28, 2008

We’ve lived in this apartment for eleven years now, I think. It has three bedrooms (my parents, my brother, and my grandma each have their own), and a living room which A. and I inhabit. For many years the room looked like this:

old room plan

old room plan

It felt very brown and we were living more or less in a train carriage: long, with little space between the furniture, and no privacy, because it only has three walls. We had a screen between our sofa and wardrobe, but it only functioned as a symbolic ‘Don’t Look’ sign, and we had to get our clothes and carry them ‘inside’ to get dressed. Of course, entertaining was a drag too.

A while ago, A. and I bought a new bed and redesigned our whole room. I wrote about it here. Now I have pictures, because everyone likes to look at pictures, right. I’ll put them under the cut just in case. They were taken spinning clockwise around the room. All of them can be clicked for a closer look.



This is the famed bed; it’s creased because a certain very large dog was lying on it just a second before I took this picture. The images on the wall are photos of some of our closest friends, glued onto sheets of black cardboard. The duct tape cross on the laptop is there because underneath it there’s a hole. In the laptop. Yes.



This is the old (and still very brown) bookcase-slash-wall. My parents bought it about 20 years ago. Before it there’s A’s barstool – he is 6’7 tall, so he needs something height-appropriate to sit on, but when we got this, we didn’t realize that he wouldn’t have a table tall enough to use the stool with. So now I sometimes use it as a desk. Inside the bookcase there’s what used to be the TV-space, now holding our stereo set, a picture of A. as a baby, and my magazines. The TV has been banished from the room, because we have YouTube now.

chair, wardrobe & screen

chair, wardrobe & screen

The chair is brown too (surprise, surprise), and reupholstering it would have been too expensive, so we got this large rug to use as a throw. The picture on the chair is an old photo of our family when Brother and I were toddlers, we’re going to hang it up on that wall. The screen is the same old screen, but it’s now employed as a very functional door with pockets for our assorted knick-knacks.

The wardrobe is a cheap mass-produced thing, so I taped some photos to its doors to make it look more interesting. On its side there’s a piece of art Brother gave us when he came to visit us in Israel, and we’ve brought it back with us. We have so many books that they cover everything, so there are some up there too. Black mystery item in the corner – my dad’s old guitar that A. used to play until we got him a new one for his birthday. Our collection of soft toys has found a home on yet another bookcase behind the screen.



Lastly, this is what the view through our balcony door looks like. My mom grows all kinds of plants in there, and it looks like a very crowded greenhouse in the summer. Nice to look at, a bother to take care of. (Though what do I know, I wouldn’t touch them green things with a ten-foot pole, so when mom’s away, A.’s the one to water them.)



Bonus picture: Dog making the creases on the sofa. Lamps are on for an idea of what it looks like at night. The cushions in the corner are the ones I’m resting my back against right now. They’re my home office.

So that’s where we live. It is tiny, minuscule even: the new furniture layout has snapped almost half the room off. But somehow, there’s much more space and personality in it. Before, we always said things like ‘later, when we have our own place’ or ‘when we can afford to rent a flat’. Now we have somewhere to be ourselves and decorate to our liking, and life feels much less stressful this way.


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  1. anniewhere said, on August 29, 2008 at 3:54 am

    It looks so comfy, especially the pockets!

    My room for the time being is just a dusty warehouse which is used for sleeping and occasional reading.

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