The Obvious

maybe not potatoes. do eggplants come in sacks?

Posted in boredom, the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on August 27, 2008

Since WordPress is about the only website that is willing to load for me right now, might as well update this thing, especially as I gave myself such a big hearty welcome the other day with zero follow-up.

My current daily schedule looks like this:
10.23 – wake up (no kidding, it’s been this exact time for the past x days)
11.00 – beat laptop with stick, trying to force my email and blogs out of the withered connection
3.30 – shower, get dressed, remove clothing on account of lard deposits poking out, get dressed again in baggy things, remove clothing on account of baggy things not concealing the fat so what the heck, put on nice clothes, bemoan the fact that my figure doesn’t do them justice, repeat for eternity, all with a book in one hand, slowing the proceedings down almost to a standstill
5.00(ish) – get out of the house, move sluggishly towards gym
6.00 – enjoy daily quota of not feeling like a sack of stale potatoes
7.00 – return to normal root-vegetable condition
8.00 – arrive home, open book / beat laptop with stick again
1.00 – go to bed bored, have nightmares for the rest of the night

Repeat for unlimited amounts of time with improvised breaks for anxiety and irritation with various things (i.e., going back to school next Tuesday), exchanging neurotic letters with my brother in London, and watching documentaries by and about Stephen Fry (swoon) on YouTube.

By the way, last Sunday was Mr. Fry’s birthday, which merits a celebration, so A. and I went out for cocktails and chocolate cake tonight. Okay, in fact we needed to pass the time before this concert we were supposed to go to, and it was raining, so we just dove into the first nice place, but we did have the cake and a cocktail each, so there.

As for the concert, well, it was outside and that meant standing in the drizzle for two hours, so we didn’t go. Typical.


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