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moscow – petushki

Posted in books by theobvious on March 17, 2008

I was intending to post something entirely different today, but this is what it is going to be.

Author’s notice

The first edition of “Moscow – Petushki” was sold out remarkably quickly due to having been published in one copy. Since then I have received many reproachful comments on the chapter “Serp i Molot – Karacharovo”, which is quite unfair. In the introduction to the first edition I had warned all the ladies that this chapter was to be omitted unread, since the phrase “and in haste did I drink” was followed by a page-and-a-half full of perfect cussing, that indeed there was not one proper word in this chapter but for the phrase “and in haste did I drink”. The effect of this honest notice was that all the readers, especially the ladies, jumped right ahead to the chapter “Serp i molot – Karacharovo” without even reading the previous chapters, not even the phrase “and in haste did I drink”. It is for this reason that I’ve deemed it necessary to remove all the cussing from the chapter “Serp i molot – Karacharovo” in the second edition. This is for the best as, first of all, I shall be read consistently, and secondly, the readers will not be insulted.

This is the introduction to the (epic?) poem by Venedikt Erofeev, of which I couldn’t find a full translation, not online in any case, but here are some illustrated excerpts.

The notice I translated myself, a while ago, when I was possessed with the idea of translating the whole thing into English. I now realize this isn’t the most direct path to fame for me to take. So it is just the author’s notice for now.


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