The Obvious

sounds of poinnnng

Posted in music, valuable lesson by theobvious on March 15, 2008

Usually when watching a band or an orchestra perform, I need to know exactly which person is making which sound, and for that it is necessary to see all of them. Also, I always pay attention to sounds familiar from cartoon soundtracks and suchlike. I think to myself, oh, that is what makes that noise!

Today we had unfortunate seats, flung far left to the very edge of the hall, and as the orchestra were sitting in a semicircle, we found ourselves facing the tail end of the string section. We could see no faces, but each and every hairdo. No prodigy virtuoso pianist, but both the harps and the girls playing them.

Well, who knew. That turned out to be more than enough! Did you know how many of those special movie sounds are made by harps? Even the ominous hoom-hoom when the good guys enter the empty cave, even the poinnng when Jerry breaks Tom’s whisker! What a fascinating instrument, the harp.

There is a woman in Jerusalem, playing a harp on the main tourist street, dressed usually in a medieval (or maybe just really old-fashioned) dress. I used to think she was quite mediocre, but now I have new-found respect for her. Next time I’m there, I’ll put ten sheqels in her hat if she can do hoom-hoom.


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