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unsnapped shots

Posted in photos, thoughts by theobvious on March 5, 2008

When one begins to associate oneself with photography in some way, one’s mode of looking at life inevitably changes, dividing the flow of everything around into a series of stills. Some of these stills one is lucky enough to capture – those go into the portfolio. Others remain unphotographed (do check out that project). The only place they go is into the amazing album of memory, tagged maybe with a shade of disappointment, a feeling of could-have-been.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the usual verb for producing a picture is take. A picture is meant to be carried away to store somewhere, to return to years from now – to reminisce over. Some believe that to be photographed is to lose part of your soul – that part is taken away by the photographer. People often link even the most ephemeral or spiritual matters with material things, like photos. So when one misses out on taking a picture, it is natural to be disappointed.

The photos I could have taken today were, among others: – A young woman, hurrying down a downtown street with a large empty glass frame in her hands. Who knows what will go under that glass. – A man, sitting alone inside a bus belonging to the military orchestra. What a feeling of contrast when you think of the main feature of such bands, their populousness. – A shabby board: ‘Restaurant for those who love their stomachs’. No restaurant in sight.

Maybe some things are best left, not taken. A material anchor has its benefits, but a memory can become even more interesting as it fades, changing one’s past as it transforms with time.


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