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things i’m admiring today

Posted in emotions, life, link, things i'm admiring today by theobvious on February 28, 2008

I came home today feeling like a nobody, like I had nothing to be proud of and wasn’t worth wasting oxygen on. Determined to stop the wave of self-contempt, I decided to make a list of great things I’d seen recently, and to learn from them. Here is the list I made more or less off the top of my head:

– Erin at Design for Mankind has made a wonderful e-zine called Inspiration. You can download it from her website. The title is very accurate, you can see how inspired she is herself.

– Tina at uuMomma wrote this lovely poem a couple weeks ago, but we only met quite recently, and even if it’s been a while, it’s still a pleasure and honour to be able to quote it here.

– Grace at Design*Sponge has just announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend ac, and the way she describes his proposal and their love is enough to make me tear up in joy.

– Andrea at Superhero wrote this letter to her son when he was sick, and because it is so much more than just a letter to a beautiful boy, it’s my belief anyone can benefit from reading it.

– Rachel at Thatnight writes so many perfect posts (look) that she hardly needs any publicity, yet her recent list of advice for bloggers is something worth rereading every day.

– My dear husband A., very real without any websites, learned to solder yesterday specifically in order to repair our laptop (which he did), and he made me a tiny aluminum bear!

With that bear in my pocket, and all these great creative texts in my head, there suddenly seems to be more purpose to everything. I emerge from making this list (which is really very short, there’s considerably more great stuff around) with my thoughts much clearer. I think this is something worth doing on a regular basis. Here, consider it a promise, I even created a category, can’t go back now.


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