The Obvious

a symphony

Posted in music, random by theobvious on February 8, 2008

The door opens click-whistle-swish, and thump-thumps closed. There are people inside, and their voices are swooshing back and forth like the tide: swooooooooosh-rumble-rumble, swooshhh-murmmmmur. Someone is whispering jokes to a group of friends: fshhh – hahaha – fssshh – hahaha. The woman behind the counter is intoning quietly: nonono-no-no-no-no-yeeees, nono-nono-yeees-no.

The copy machine comes on: hum-hum-hooooooo, click, hummm-hummm-hooooo, click. Pages are being flipped: pshht. Pshht. Pshht. Books are being put down: whap! Whap! Keyboards are clacking: tap-tap-tap-tah. Feet are walking on the carpet: slorp-slosh, and then get onto the parquet: clop-clop. Bags are being opened and closed: zippers – currr-whirrr, and velcro – kkhss!

It’s a busy day at the school library.


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