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cheap tricks

Posted in random, weird by theobvious on December 2, 2007

This blog only got ten views today. All through a Google search for “I’m a Little Teapot”. All of one post. I wonder what is up with these people – it’s not even on the first page in Google. It’s actually on the third. Yes, I checked. And someone who’d be looking for the actual rhyme would have found it way before they got to the third page.

I mean, this is nothing compared to being found through a search for ‘shemales in Vilnius’ (happened once, still proud), but I’m still wondering whether it’s worth it to risk posting on a more Google-friendly topic to increase my traffic? Like… ENLARGE YOUR PENI$!!! FREE TODAY!!! HOT STRIPPER BLONDE DELIVERY WITH EVERY PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!

There, now I’ll sit back and wait for the lonely male visitors to come pouring in – to face a great disappointment. Bwahaha.

Updated in a couple of hours: No blonde lovers as yet, but another, differently phrased, request for the damn little teapot. This is starting to get annoying.


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