The Obvious

this ‘talking’ – how do we do that again?

Posted in braces by theobvious on November 24, 2007

A close friend once may have called me ‘deadface’. Or maybe I’m dramatizing. At any rate, what he said was that I had no facial expressions. Well, now I don’t.

I never knew I moved my face so much. Turns out, when I’m nervous or thinking hard, I suck my lower lip in. That is, I used to. Now I can’t – there are sharp metal objects in my mouth preventing me from doing that.

When I was uncomfortable, or wanted to show some humour in an unpleasant situation, I would do this lopsided smile thing. Like a smirk, using only one half of my face. Now when I try to do that, my cheek gets poked.

If something sounded ridiculously unlikely to me, or I was just seriously doubting something, I would pull an indescribable face which involved lip pursing and eyebrow lifting. Well, I can still do the eyebrow.

It appears my face is an important communicational instrument. Even if I look weird when I grimace like that, I still need to do it. Now, with these two painful protrusions where my lips used to be, I’m constricted.

I don’t think any of you know this, but I don’t really like talking. I’m only verbose when I’m uncomfortable or shy. Otherwise I try to keep it to myself. Now that I don’t have my face to help me convey certain messages, I need to talk more.

Need to get to work getting rid of that lisp.


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