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day 22, anything is blog-worthy

Posted in random, valuable lesson, writing by theobvious on November 22, 2007

[Here was a paragraph on my suffering, but I erased it. Marvel at my restraint.]

Anyway, I wanted to be brief today, but then I remembered this post by Rachel of the many talents and the new Yorkie (which, oh my god, squee!). She mentions that for her to enjoy a short post, its author needs to have a decent vocabulary.

Which makes perfect sense, but it also causes self-consciousness in people like me. Do I have the right to post short? Is my vocabulary decent or does it need to put on more clothes? Am I articulate enough for Rachel and the rest of you to like me?

So I performed a simple experiment, where I visited ten ‘Word of the Day’ pages to see if I knew the words. Observe:

1) deipnosophist – someone skilled in table talk. I didn’t know this word before. I’m not likely to remember it, either. Nor am I skilled in table talk.

2) victual – food usable by people. This one I knew, but its pronunciation befuddled me. It’s one of the words I recognize in writing, but have never heard pronounced.

3) titian – a bright reddish or golden auburn colour. Didn’t know this one, would probably have understood it in a sentence from context. It’s rather straightforward really.

4) ardent – showing or having warmth of feeling, passionate. Well, duh.

5) pumpkin – do we really need a definition? Hee hee hee!

6) disparity – difference in quality or kind. Understand it well. Haven’t used it in a sentence.

7) poultrarian – a person who eats vegetarian food and select cuts of chicken and turkey. I know several people like that. Didn’t know the word. I also encourage you to check out yesterday’s word on that website. Unless you’re my mom. Then stay away from there!

8) assiduous – diligent, unceasing, persistent. Uh-huh.

9) Molotov cocktail – a type of petrol bomb. I’d rather I didn’t know what this meant.

10) monument – something that stands to keep something in remembrance. Har har at the definition. Yes, I knew the word.

Okay, result: seven out of ten, including ‘pumpkin’. (Does that compromise the purity of my experiment?) Here’s a challenge: could you use all ten in one sentence? I guess today’s lesson is that I’m okay, but just to be safe I should make my posts longer to compensate for the lack of interesting words.

Best not done while I’m on painkillers.


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  1. Rachel said, on November 23, 2007 at 5:35 am

    I think you’re unbelievably articulate, and have a great vocabulary!

    I honestly knew about five of these words, including pumpkin. :)

    I also think you have great short posts, and the ones that aren’t, are still interesting. It’s unbearable when others’ writing sometimes just goes on and on and on, especially when I’m not acquainted with the character of the person who’s blogging…

  2. ollka said, on November 23, 2007 at 11:31 am

    As long as we all know what ‘pumpkin’ means, we’re in the clear:) Thank you for all the nice words.
    I don’t usually return to blogs that have disappointed me the way you described.

  3. Bambi-really. said, on December 5, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    This is a great list of words—do you think victual is where the term vittles came from? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Now I’ll be nagged by thinking of sentences with all these words all day. Interesting how many of them are food-related.

    Fantastic blog, and thank you for the lovely comments on mine—I’m happy to have found you as well!

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