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mental orthodontics

Posted in i don't know, me myself by theobvious on November 2, 2007

Now that I’m facing a blogging marathon, it’s only fit to talk about inspiration. That’s an increasingly important issue for me.

I was first really inspired to start blogging by Superhero, whose writing is simple yet deep, and she also takes great pictures, makes cool necklaces, and is a hip new mom – what do you want, she’s got superpowers. When I read her archives starting from day one (uhh, stalker!), I felt that her main message for me was: ‘Make it happen for yourself. It’s easier than you think.’

That was a year ago. I’ve been thinking about that ever since. I’ve even talked about it here. What’s worrying me though, is that self-induced inspiration seems a little… dry? Strained? My point is, I do to myself what inspiration is supposed to do – make myself work, make things happen, make life interesting. Yet there’s always a sense of duty to it. Like I tell myself: ‘be inspired! Feel joy! NOW!’

And though it does work, the whole point gets undermined. It’s like curing a cold by yelling at a patient to stop fooling around and get better. Yeah, they do get better – because they’re bullied into it! Admittedly, they are healthy. But wasn’t there a better way to achieve that?

Unfortunately, I still need to learn to deal with the better way. Great art, music, books, movies, and people get me hyper and stammery and all ‘WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! LET’S CREATE!! LET’S LIVE A FULL EXCITING LIFE!!’ I don’t really know how to get past that stage and into actually doing the stuff. I only get there by dutifully telling myself to.

There are certain processes a human organism goes through naturally, arriving at wholesome results and overall joy. Sometimes the process doesn’t happen, and then a painful procedure is required to drag the body through it. Like braces. I guess due to certain reasons I need inspiration braces. That’s what the dull following of my own orders is doing for me. Restrictive, yet hopefully effective.

I am getting real braces too, though. More on that tomorrow.


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