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stupidity gives leisure

Posted in uncategorized by theobvious on October 26, 2007

Here I am, in a coffeehouse on the main street of town, sipping a mate, reading Hamlet and my blogroll in turns, even posting this – and not working. Meanwhile, the deadline is not looming anymore, so much as standing on my actual foot, stomping hard, and yelling in my ears – naked. Such is the need to work.

Why am I not working then, you ask? What, isn’t it obvious? Because when I was packing my schoolbag today, I remembered to put my rather heavy laptop in it, both my driving theory booklets, my big lumpy camera, and many other things. But not my writing appliances (i.e., pens, you know, for lectures) nor the sheets I need for work. You know, the work I should be doing right now.

Time for a head slap. No wait, the guy at the next table is looking at me. Maybe I should pretend I’m just enjoying my drink. *sip sip* Okay, I owe myself a head slap. Stay tuned.

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