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Posted in important, news, photos by theobvious on October 21, 2007

I am currently unable to force a blog post out of myself, especially as the top priority for forcing is work, of which I haven’t been doing much. So I will try and distract you, o readers, with a couple of photos – always entertaining, and easy for me to post.

The legendary courtyard on Jozefa street in Krakow. It was a bit of a walk, but that’s okay, because we found two bookstores and a pizza restaurant on the way (Pizza Factory – my gnocchi were top notch, and so were the other dishes, I hear). The courtyard itself was nice but not extraordinary, largely because of an ungodly eatery located smack in the middle of it.

tiny hand
An old family friend with a very new family friend. This is I. with baby E., born exactly two months ago to a couple of our dear friends. Even though I. has no babies of her own, she knows exactly what to do with them. As soon as she takes E. in her arms, the child stops whining and falls asleep. Look at those precious tiny little baby hands!


Look – E. has a face (sorry about the layout, if you click on the picture, you’ll see its full glorious version)! And I have watermarked my pictures! But only some of them – because who would want to steal my pictures. Right? Right?!

My computer is being excruciatingly slow, and I need to get back to writing some stuff and then maybe working. Don’t tell A. – he is sure that we’re both heading to bed now.


THIS JUST IN: Another couple of our friends just had a baby girl five hours ago! Yee-hah and mazal tov! Pictures will not be posted on this blog anytime soon, but let’s all think a great big good thought in honor of the new girl.


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