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Posted in important, me myself by theobvious on October 16, 2007

Today was Blog Action Day. I am not intending this post to be about the environment, but it’s worth mentioning. I wholly support the idea that when many separate people think about something hard enough, it might just change for the better.

For me, however, today was just – Action Day. It could also bear the alternative name of Get A Grip Day, or – Go On Already Day. This means that I did many of the things I’ve been wanting to do, going to do, or fearing for a very long time. And I must admit – it feels uncomfortable, yet liberating.

I started the day off by going to the doctor’s. I have a condition, nothing grave, but it has been with me my whole life, and it has its inhibitions. For as long as I remember, The Day I Got It Taken Care Of has been a distant, yet powerful pillar of hope on the horizon of life. Kind of like prom, only huger. Well, today was supposed to be that day, but of course, it doesn’t happen like that. My appointment with the doc was just the beginning of a long journey. However, even if it will take two or three rather painful years, I now know that it is real, not just a dream.

The next thing I did was walk the five minutes to driving school and enroll. Well, not enroll per se, it is still going to be a couple of days while they process the installment plan application, and then I need to get my health certificate (which will finally make me go through with the social insurance papers, which are long overdue) – but the point is, I’m on my way to achieving another ambition. It seems that pretty soon I’ll be contributing to the national traffic problem, and I couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, I worked out. That’s a major issue for me, because I enjoy exercise, I certainly do not enjoy being too fat for my own liking, but I tend to slack. Today I did about twenty minutes of jump-rope, which is an intensive cardio workout if there ever was one, and then I went out for an hour or so with my brother to exercise my firestaff skills, which are beyond pitiful right now, but I’m trying. I went outside, though it’s cold and dark, and that in itself is a separate Action for my Action Day.

Tomorrow I will try to go to that sociology class I’ve been skipping, and on Wednesday I have an intro-meeting at the Children’s Hotline about that training course I never finished as a kid and have been regretting abandoning for the last five years. I am also planning to meet up with a former best friend whom I’ve fallen out with lately. Thursday should catch me checking out that capoeira group I have been lusting for, and that should complete my Action Week.

Suddenly I believe I can stop looking to others for inspiration – I can try and inspire myself. Things are much easier to deal with when I stop fretting about them or thinking I’m not good enough. I can do most anything when I try. Time to get trying.


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  1. semitolog said, on October 31, 2007 at 11:28 pm

    it is so inspiring!
    thank you so much!

    it will be my AD tomorrow. at least i hope it will

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