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Posted in photos, places by theobvious on October 15, 2007

As I’ve said, I did enough point’n’shooting in Krakow to fill more than one little blog. So on to ‘a little less conversation, and a little more action’.

What I loved most about Krakow is how it balances perfectly between feeling just like home and giving off that new and different feel every great city has. The architecture is really quite similar to that my hometown (after all, most of Vilnius was indeed built by the Poles), but there is that sudden dash of colour:

…that unexpected buttress:

…that old-looking lantern or other:

..that makes it that one deciding bit new and breathtaking. Kind of like a picture you’ve been seeing a framed copy of on the wall above your bed every single day for decades, and then you suddenly encounter it at a gallery or museum. It’s not that it looks better or grander or anything – it’s just that in a different environment the essentially unchanged image strikes you anew.


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