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Posted in uncategorized by theobvious on October 4, 2007

The nice thing about living in a borderline provincial town is the amount of stuff you can do with little effort. I mean, it comes so easily here. So peacefully. You’re just walking around having conversations like ‘I’ve been hearing good things about that theater. Want to go? $7. Yep, Thursday sounds great. Well, see you there!’

In the past month my two friends and I, with the occasional participation of my mother and husband, saw and did the following:
– a play,
– two recent movies,
– a photography exhibition,
– a concert,
– the aforementioned carting.
We also ate out countless times and even had homemade cocktails once – a first for all of us (daiquiris – good, ouzo – disgusting).

We’re just back from the concert (Café Zimmermann – I heartily recommend), and I feel strangely content. It takes a 20 minute walk and $3 to find oneself sitting in a music hall listening to German sonatas. Why do I not do that more often?

This year, now that we are back in Vilnius, we will have real winter, snow, Christmas, Hanukkah, freezing fingers, the whole nine yards. I even got new gloves today. Suddenly, I feel like wrapping up warm and having a Culture Winter. You can do that too if you like.

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