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vengeance behind people’s backs – that’s what we cowards do

Posted in the thrilling goings-on by theobvious on October 1, 2007

We went carting Saturday! It was my first time behind a steering wheel. You are allowed to get a license once you turn 18 here, and all of my classmates both from school and university already have theirs. I, however, have been too busy to take care of this matter of utmost importance, and have therefore been surviving on hitched rides, much like a common leech.

Now the time has come. Every time I’m in a car, I get this craving in the pit of my stomach. It’s as if a tiny imp is sitting in there and etching the words ‘MUST – DRIVE’ onto the inside of my abdomen. Oh, how I need to drive. I must be idealizing that rather simple skill, yet all I can think about is this incredible freedom I am currently deprived of.

Carting Was Fun. In fact, it was so much fun that I came last. Way last. I was so affected by the introduction we got, enumerating all the accidents and 911 cases to happen because of reckless carting on this very track, people, that I braked nearly to a halt at every turn and released the accelerator a second after pressing it every time. I thought I was good until I saw the embarrassing print-out with my name #6 out of 6 and heard the jolly laughter of my friends.

Everyone else, on the other hand, did extremely well. A., for whom this is the only chance of driving ever, due to poor vision, had a great ride, crashing only twice and finishing last because his cart left the track (he was still #5 on the list for speed). The two driving friends we went with swooshed past me about a thousand times, relating later the way they ‘went slow at first to check the brake pedal, which, I don’t know, I think it was a little whatever’, and also the way ‘this sure is different from our car, I can tell you that’.

I still enjoyed it very much, of course. Not the part where I turned out to be miss Scaredy-pants, but all the other stuff. I called two driving schools today and sure as hell, I’ll be driving by the time winter hits. Yay, first driving experience in November slush! However, I still feel I need to get back at those show-offs somehow. Which is why I won’t display my own face in a helmet for the whole wide web to see, but I will display theirs.


I’m having an evil laughter moment here, safely behind my laptop. Bwaaahahahaha!


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