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Posted in i don't know by theobvious on September 23, 2007

I have this tiny spoon. It has an enamel shield on its end with a picture of micro-people on a micro-beach, and the actual spoon part is engraved with ‘Aloha from Hawaii!’. I’ve had it for almost as long as I can remember – my great aunt Sarah gave it to me on one of my earlier single-digit birthdays.

The spoon spent several years lying around in some drawer, and then one day someone dug it up and said ‘Wow, this is nice, why don’t we ever use it?’. And now we do. It’s really small, and therefore perfect for eating things you want to savour or can’t tolerate big spoonfuls of. Like honey. Or some delicious creamy substance of which you don’t have nearly as much as you’d like to.

Today, as I was having my tea, I suddenly realized I don’t know where aunt Sarah got this thing from. I don’t think it was a common product of the Soviet cutlery industry. And I know for sure my aunt has never been to Hawaii. She has this Jewish-granny habit of finding gifts for everyone in her very deep and full cupboards. So how did this thing end up in there?

Now, when I’m 21 and starting to be able to think a bit, I understand that I haven’t been paying any attention to the things that are happening to me. I wish I could repeat everything I forgot, let slide, ignored and left unnoticed before today. I wish I had asked ‘Where’d you get that?’ every time someone gave me an unusual present. There would’ve been so many stories.

I have to call aunt Sarah tomorrow.


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