The Obvious

at least we tried

Posted in the thrilling goings-on, valuable lesson by theobvious on September 23, 2007

We tried to organize a PARK(ing) event today. It was a total no-show. Out of all the people we emailed, three showed up. And when we asked them not to drink alcohol in the park, they promptly left.

I must admit we were a little shy about handing out flyers and getting people to actually sit in our park thing. But then most of these people looked at us as though we were suggesting they enlarge their genitals by way of consuming the magic pills we were selling at half the market price.

And clearly we screwed up a bit on every possible level – my brother and co-organizer was twenty minutes late, I didn’t find any turf, our location choice was questionable, and the little trees we got kept toppling over whenever there was a gust of wind.

But the point is, we made a big deal out of this, we emailed tons of people, we got ourselves mentioned on the official website, we bought stuff (and, may I add, spent a shitload of money), and nobody even cared enough to write back they weren’t coming. Makes me question the purpose of being and all that.

Well, I guess we did get a lesson out of this. Here’s what we learned today: never organize anything at the same time as a convention of Baltic renaissance-tribesmen who are building an altar and singing weird hymns while banging on drums. True story.


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