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might as well do it now

Posted in me myself by theobvious on September 13, 2007

There is a popular meme that’s been traveling across the blogosphere for quite a while now. It’s seen all the major sites, now it’s backpacking through the lesser known regions, trying to keep off the beaten track, eating at McDonald’s and cheap esoteric vegetarian places, you know the drill. It’s the 20 Facts About Me Game.

I figure it makes more sense to do that in the beginning of a blog than when everyone already knows you. So here goes nothing.

1. I live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
2. I spend too much time online
3. I am married, and have been for the last two years – I am 21
4. I’ve lived in three capital cities and would love to live in another dozen or so
5. I am a Polish language major, I don’t know why
6. I consider myself a night person
7. I am unable to make choices
8. I am great at spelling, and I never leave spelling mistakes anywhere, even in text messages, if I can help it
9. Stupid people bother me
10. I think too much
11. I talk too much
12. I am sometimes refreshingly funny, and sometimes embarrassingly not
13. I am sarcastic, sardonic, ironic and every other wrong kind of humor
14. I have been wearing glasses since second grade
15. My dream is to work doing something creative
16. I am extremely stubborn
17. I read all the time – if I don’t have a book I start reading food ingredients and shampoo instructions
18. I always brush my teeth twice a day with the door locked
19. I am impulsive
20. I need to work on my willpower

Speaking of the latter, my eyes are no longer responding to my attempts to will them open. Which makes it rather difficult to type. And I was doing so well up until now. Ah well. Pip-pip.


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